Monday, March 25, 2013

Big Girl Bed!

Bye Bye Toddler Daybed! Yes, this was long overdue!
Julianna is almost 3 and has been ready for her big girl bed for several months now, but we had to buy the headboard and the mattress, boxspring & bedding.... we procrastinated big time since we're buying stuff for the baby too now.

We got a cute sleigh headboard off of Craigslist (big time score!) - Brian sanded it and painted it white & we got her a Bob-o-pedic mattress (tempur-pedic but from Bob's furniture- so they call it their own name). Julianna and I went to Homegoods & picked out a cute twin bedspread (and sheets) that go with her room decor, and we also picked up a special stool so she can climb into bed easily. We ordered THESE bedrails so she doesn't fall out at night while sleeping, so far so good. Their a little awkward to make the bed with them up, but we just put the one side down and it slips between the mattress and the boxspring sort of easily.

The good thing about waiting so long is she was totally 100% ready for it - the minute Brian set it up, she jumped on her bed and loved it. The first few days, it was all we could do to get her out of it! She has been in it for a little over a week now and we noticed she is sleeping better (not waking up and tossing & turning) and sleeping in later. Homerun baby! But - Did I take a picture of the bed so you could see the headboard? Nope, that would have been too smart. Maybe next time - but you get the idea...

So long old friend- I know the baby boy will like you. 

Sitting in bed reading. 

She pulled a bunch of toys up there and started playing within 3 minutes of us getting the bedding on! 

"I love my big girl bed!"

Sleeping friends. 

Reading on her bed.

Random shot of Julianna's shelf with hooks. 
She has no closet, so we had to make due with this for her stuff that needs to be hung up. 

Happy as a clam. (Are clams really that happy??) 

She needs more toys on her bed. 


  1. Yay! Sounds like she made the transition well :o) You must have ESP or something 'cause i have the same post scheduled for this week on Livi's BIG girl bed! I should have posted it months ago; she's been in it since before Christmas! I swear J gets cuter with every picture you take! She looks like such a happy kid :o)

  2. Skye and Brian, What a beautiful room. Happy that J made the transition so easy!! I think Juliannabelle gets bigger every time I see her! She could model . she is beautiful and what eyes and smile she has!! Love to read your blog and see her grow and btw loved your picture and you and your baby boy!!!! you look beautiful also!!!!! Love you! Mrs. G.

  3. Yay Julianna! I hope mom is getting some extra zzz's since Julianna is sleeping later. It looks cute from what I could see...of course, Julianna is adorable as always.

  4. Glad she likes it and hooray for extra sleep!

  5. how wonderful. beautiful photos too!!

  6. No bed is complete with a giraffe (I think thats what it is!)

    Or in our house a hippo and a bear!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. What a lovely post, and great pics! I love the idea of hangers under the shelf, well done.


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