Saturday, March 23, 2013

Total Randomness lately

Here's what's been going on in the past 2 weeks that is totally random, but not enough to require a post on it's own! And yes, I really should be using that nifty storyboard I learned how to make from CROPPED STORIES, but did I? Nope. I will. Soon!  Check out my 31 week pregnancy post if you haven't already - It's the home stretch!

We went to Target and decided to eat hotdogs for lunch there. 
Thank you to the food Gods for not giving us food poisoning on that day! 

 Loving her new "Hello Kitty" gardening hat, even though it's freezing, icy, cold and arctic out still. 

 Julianna is suddenly learning her letters of the alphabet. She is able to identify most of them if you show them to her. She knows that C is for cat, Q is for Queen, etc. I can take zero credit for this - our daycare provider has been working with her to learn her letters and ABC's - with incredible results I might add (Yep, mother of the year, right here!) She has been identifying letters now wherever we go - it's pretty cool. 
Oh and she knows her street name, town and state she lives in. Cool stuff! 

 We went to one of our favorite Italian spots (called Mama's) with good friends of ours. This place has been a staple in this community for years. I can remember when it was a small little take-out pizza joint. No more- it's a gourmet italian restaurant with the best food ever (and still great pizza too!). The owner took Julianna behind the counter and she got to put a slice of pizza in the oven - She LOVED it! 

 Brian set up Julianna's big-girl bed this past weekend. She didn't even wait until the sheets were on it before she hopped up and started playing with her cars and getting comfortable! (Another post on 'the big girl bed' coming soon!) 

 Daddy reading to Julianna before bedtime one night- 
It's so awesome to be able to get into bed with her and snuggle & read books! 

Woke up to this nonsense about 2 weeks ago. What spring? This is total March-Lion. 

We had milkshakes in the car- Ooooh special treat! 

This is Julianna's new favorite book that we HAVE to read before bedtime every night!
If you have a toddler and are expecting a baby ... I recommend this book. It's fast to read, simple and explains about being a big sister without getting into too many details. 

I also registered for this Elearning course on Clickin Moms called "Photographing toddlers". It was a helpful guide and some tutorials as well. I really want to take a full on course from Clickin Moms - maybe this summer when I am off and have more time to dedicate to a daily course. 


  1. Don't they look sooooooo tiny when they firt get into that big girl bed?

  2. This was such a fun post--I felt like I can totally relate to a ton of things! Those hot dogs at Target...we did that a few months ago (for the first time) and the kids have begged for it again every time we go to Target. They think it's the best "restaurant" ever, lol!

    Julianna is one smart cookie--letters, name, street, and more! You'll have to watch out for her! ;)

    And we *love* that book too! Kaia loved it when Harry was born and they both liked it again when Ryleigh came along!

    And I just read your last post too and I have to say, You are looking great!! Eight weeks've totally got this!!


    1. Carla - I am laughing b/c yesterday Julianna asked if we could go to Target and eat hotdogs! WTH?! LOL! Like thats the only place we've ever taken her to eat hahahahaha! It's surf & turf for her. We dont' allow her to have hotdogs too often b/c they just scare me - but once in a while treat is fine. Looks like we won't be going back to target for a while - haha! And yes that book is fabulous- she got it from the library with our daycare provider a few weeks ago and wouldn't put it down - we had to read it 4 times a day and before bed- lol. So we bought it for her once it was returned to the library - and its on the nightly reading list now :)
      Thanks about the picture- I REALLY need to take a better one though - I don't even look like me there- I look sort of chipmunkish LOL
      Have a agreat day!

  3. Great randomness! You are brave for having hotdogs at Target :o) Nah, I'm just kiddin'; I'm sure they are delicious! Love her hat in the second shot! By the way, thanks for the mention (you are too sweet)! Oh and I love that milkshakes in the car pic! Her expression is priceless; too funny!


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