Friday, March 1, 2013

Stuck in the house- When will Winter be over?

I took some photos the other day of Julianna in the house for my last post - but I wanted to put the rest here as I think some of these are particularly cute! I don't get inspired to take photos of anything in the Winter time in the house. The motivation is just not there right now. But last Sunday, I did have the desire to get my camera out and feel the photo joy. 

Julianna playing with her beloved legos. 

Legos again! She likes to build houses & garages for her cars. 

Cheese !! 

Snuggling in bed with Baby Giraffe - Julianna likes to climb into our bed & snuggle under the blankets (or as she calls it "Pepper's bed" since Pepper sleeps in our bed more than we do!) 

Spring is right around the corner.... I can feel it! 


  1. I hope Spring finds you soon! I love the Julianna has a camera so she can take photos like Mommy:)

  2. She's so gorgeous! Love, love, love her curls!!!

  3. I hope you're right about Spring coming soon--cause I am tired of winter! Great photos!! I struggle with indoor shots. Love her little curls--so cute!!

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  5. Her hair is so adorable! What a cutie! First visit here.

    1. thank you! I am in love with her hair too :)


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