Saturday, September 28, 2013

Boardwalk - Part 2 Pictures

I took too many pictures at the boardwalk and I needed to break them into 2 parts. First part was HERE. That day was perfect. Perfect weather. Perfect family day. The type of day you wish would never end. We didn't go on vacation this year, so I cherished the days we got to spend the day doing something so great! Our vacation this year was having Tyler and spending weekends on our boat. (Real Vacation - Next year! I want to go to Ocean City Maryland again!)

Julianna on the motorcycle ride

Eating ice-cream on the boardwalk is the best 

Me and my boy (in hindsight, I probably shouldn't have blinded him by facing the sun)

Julianna enjoyed collecting rocks and shells on the beach 

Cheesy toothy smile 

She put too much sand in the bottle and tried to empty some out... and out came her rocks

 I love my little girl 

My pretty girl

Had to show this .... Naptime on the boat... 
Brian and I got to relax and enjoy some time while anchored... while the kiddies slept soundly. 
(No life jackets required while boat isn't underway)


  1. Oh friend! The light! The shadows!! Your gorgeous kiddos! J's CURLS!!! Wow... so much great stuff here... looks like you had a wonderful time. Beautiful photos! xoxo

  2. The photos are lovely. Your daughter is gorgeous.

    One observation: Your daughter has beautiful clothes and is always the height of fashion -- and her taste
    in sunglasses is exactly right!

    1. Thank you - we love Gymboree clothes for her! They are made well and last through may washes! And the colors from season to season all carry over so you can mix and match items - I love it! :) Oh and sunglasses - yes she loves them (Hmmmm. takes after mom & dad!)

  3. Your photos are lovely, and your daughter, as always, is gorgeous.

    One observation: Every photo I've seen shows your daughter dressed in the height of fashion, quite stylish and
    beautiful colors. And her taste in sunglasses is exactly right!


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