Saturday, September 7, 2013

day in my life

A couple weeks ago, I had Julianna home with me and Tyler... It was a rainy & cruddy day, so I decided to do a "Day in the life" thing for my blog. I kept my camera out on the table and took pictures all day. I don't think I got anything amazing out of it - but it was fun and I got to snap away all day and use my mind for something other than calculating formula ounces.

Here's a day in my life...

It rained. 

She made squinchy face. 

I made French Toast. 

She ate French Toast and watched Octonauts. (Don't judge!) 

I snuck a quicky photo shoot in and they posed for me! 

She gave me crazy eyes. 

She said Baby Giraffe HAD to have his picture taken because he likes posing. 

She got really tired. Modeling is tough. 

He smiled all day - except when I picked up my camera. No go on the smily shots.  

Daddy came home and took over so I could get a break. 

That's about it - not too exciting!
Here are a few that I liked but didn't get a chance to watermark & resize.

Checking on her brother to see if he needs his "Pinky" (that's what she calls his pacifier)

So serious. 

So serious too. 

She is really starting to love her little brother. It warms my heart so much! 


  1. Typical, smiling until the camera comes out. Enjoy the weekend with you beautiful children!

  2. How beautiful are those two separately, together, whatever. They're so full of life. And
    the little ons is growing so fast.

    The photos are lovely.

    Thanks so much for posting them and getting a smile out of me, who had a rough day.

  3. I've been thinking of doing a regular monthly "day in the life" type of thing. Sometimes the best shots are the candid ones when everyone is just doing their thing. Oh... and I'm SO glad you included the Octonauts! Marshall has been asking me to watch it all morning and because I've never heard of it I had no idea what he was asking for :)

  4. I liked this post, I'll have to steal your idea sometime. I absolutely LOVE the pics of Julianna and Tyler together, they are precious! Nothing wrong with Octonauts, it's educational :)


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