Thursday, August 12, 2010

12 weeks old - Julianna's progress

Julianna is 12 week
s old this Sunday ... Here are some comments on what she is doing now and what progress she has made in no particular order.

Drooling - Lot's of it! But I think it's cute. I never would have thought a drooling baby was cute before I had her! haha!

She sucks her first 2 fingers now. Loudly & Sloppily (if that's even a word). Hence the drooling. Julianna is sleeping 8 hours through the night now. WooHoo.

We have b
een going to the pool and she has gone 'swimming' with me a few times. She likes going in the water. Well, I am not sure she actually likes it, let's say she tolerates it. Not to mention she looks darned cute in her bathing suit & sun hat.

Smiles - Constantly. Real deep smiles! It melts my
heart! She hasn't belly laughed yet, but I think that is coming really soon.

She is getting good at enterta
ining herself. I can put her down and she will look around and study everything in the room ... or smile at a decoration on the wall LOL - She studies everything.

She loves to kick her arms & legs and 'talk'. She makes all kinds of cool baby sounds (Ayyyy Ayyyy and Ah ah ah and Coo'ing and Ayeeeee) - I think she likes to hear her voice!

Loves ceiling fans! She's obsessed with them!

Julianna holds her head up real well. Her neck is very strong! No more Bobble-Head!
She loves to camp out on our shoulder so she can look around.

At night, she rolls on her side but not rolling over yet. I think that's coming soon. She does this funny thing at night - we put her down with her head facing the top of the crib. About half way through the night, she is turned 90 degrees (like a clock hand would turn) in her crib. Then by morning, she is turned 180 degrees with her feet facing the top of her crib. All this is while she is still on her back. She is quite the wiggler!

She loves when Mommy & Daddy read to her. She enjoys looking at the pictures - or at least it appears she does.

She is getting too long for the Bath Sling in the kitchen sink... time to graduate to her baby bathtub this week. No more kitchen sink.

Julianna and I are out and about almost every day. She is the traveling girl! She is such a good girl when we leave the house. Brian, I and Julianna go out all over on the weekend. We really are blessed with such a good baby that we can go places with.

She loves interacting with Mommy & Daddy now. It's so much fun to play with her & to get her to smile and laugh. She looks at us and you can tell she loves us- what an amazing feeling that is!

Back to work - Ugh! I am dreading it. I go back in 2 weeks on August 30th. I wish I had more time off with her. It took about 8 weeks to get used to our new life and in a routine... so I have only been able to truly enjoy the last few weeks.

Julianna loves to grab her "Hug Cow" stuffed animal. It's very cute!

She hates the playgym that I Praised so much a few weeks ago. Easy come, easy go.

Ok - that's all for now. More progress updates in a couple weeks!
Have a nice night!


  1. I'm so glad I finally got to meet Julianna at the fair. (fair dress and all!) She is as cute as a button and so alert. And believe me you are so lucky she sleeps 8 hours already! Such a beautiful little family!!!

  2. I never thought I'd become a bragging grandma, but here I am: She is perfection.


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