Thursday, August 12, 2010

What is a "Cool Mom"?

So as I was driving the other day with Julianna, and we were listening to Metallica ...and I was wondering if I was a cool mom because I was listening to Metallica?

What exactly makes a mom a "Cool mom"?
I mean, how do you go from just a "regular mom" to a "Cool Mom"?

Is a cool mom defined by what your child thinks of you? or your child's friends think of you? Or what other Mommies think of you? Or what you think of your own self?? Are you a cool mom if you listen to 'young' music? Are you a cool mom if you dress your child in cool clothes? Is a cool mom someone who knows how to have fun with her family and friends? Does a cool mom let her children run wild with no boundaries? Does a cool mom comfort her children when they need to be comforted and held? I could go on and on ...
I really do not know the answer but I thought it would be fun to talk about without getting too serious.

I am thinking a cool mom does not wear Mom-Jeans...
For those of you who don't know Mom-Jeans, check out this hysterical Mom Jeans SNL clip.

I can remember when my mother pulled up at the mall entrance to pick me & my friends up, the door would open, and some Opera tune would be blaring on the car stereo! Was my mom cool? She probably thought so - but I sure didn't think that when I was mortified by her Opera blaring in the Gremlin! LOL! I guess my mom was a cool mom minus the Gremlin and the Opera...

Does a cool mom drive a Minivan?
Hmmmm...This is the age old question up for debate. I personally would never be caught dead driving a Minivan, this is the exact reason why the SUV was invented. But I do have Mom friends who drive Minivans and I personally think they are cool moms, so I don't think you can use that as the deciding factor. There are even commercials for the Toyota Previa with "Cool & Hip parents" calling it the "Swagger Wagon"... A car company trying to make the Minivan hip!! Imagine that!

Does a Cool Mom listen to Metallica, The Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga? If the answer is yes, then maybe I'm a cool mom!

I hope when Julianna is older she'll think I'm a cool mom. I think the odds are against us moms though. Chances are she'll be embarrassed by me and want nothing to do with me! Who knows... but I promise to Julianna that I'll never wear Mom Jeans. LOL

What is your definition of a cool mom? Do you think you're a cool mom?


  1. Excuse me I was a VERY cool mom. Opera IS cool.
    Not so sure about the Gremlin anymore, but it was a fun car to drive at the time. ;)

    Coolness depends entirely on your point of view. From which angle are you judging the coolness? I happen to think today's rock music is mostly, grossly UNCOOL - each performer more ridiculous than the other. So who is right?

    It's all relative.

    And I do remember you wanting desperately to go see the opera, TOSCA at Lincoln Center, when you were a kid. We went and had a cool time.

  2. Yeh I guess it must have been cool b/c I totally appreciate opera now hahaha! Yeh it depends on your point of view -that's why I said it was not serious! :)

  3. You'll be a cool mom when she can find you across a room of people and smile at you just because you are you! That's cool enough for me. ;)
    Other than that, I would define a cool mom by the example you set for them, and the things you feel important enough to pass on to the next generation through them. If they grow up to want to be like you, you've done well...if they grow up to want to be exactly the opposite of won't be so cool after all. No pressure.

  4. I didn't think I was being serious - was I, Skye? I didn't mean to be. Just defending my own mama turf. ; )

  5. oh, boy open can o worms. I can't be a cool mom, because my kids don't understand limits and know when to stop pushing. So, I bought a shirt that says "I am way cooler than my kids think I am" What is nice is that I am cool to teenage girls well they want to hang and talk (we do have a great time) - so the stage is set for the boys when they want to show they handle coolness for themselves, LOL.

  6. AHHH! I love this topic! This is gonna be a long comment! :) Well...according to my 14 year old daughter...I'm the coolest mom of all her friends and her friends all agree. I can't tell ya how many times I've been told that! LOL! I always tell her friends that "If I was your probably wouldn't think that" Even Samantha's boyfriends love me. I don't know why. I've always been straight up with them..."if you touch my daughter, I'll find you ...because I know where you live & sleep...and if you think I'm playin', try me!" LOL! I've always been open and honest with my kids, and have always expressed to them that they can come to me anytime and tell me anything! Well, it's worked! Samantha tells me stuff that I would have NEVER told my parents..not even in my wildest dreams! Communication is the key! When it comes to teens, you gotta get into their heads and see what makes em' tick. If you talk to them on their level, they give you respect. Then, they'll open up to you and you will find out all you need to know, so you can keep them safe and drug free. The things that go on in the schools these days are just shocking! So many kids are having sex, drinking alcohol and doing all kinds of drugs at such a young age. Starting in middle school! It blows my mind. I know that kinda stuff has gone on forever through the ages, but it's a lot worse these days. It wasn't like that when I was in high school, that's for sure! Samantha gets called a "goody-goody" all the time by her peers, and she responds with a "thank you", because she takes it as a compliment. I also got to take her to her first concert. I took her best friend Emily also, and it was Emily's first concert too. It was great! They had so much fun. I did too! The band actually rocked! We saw the band Boys Like Girls. They've had several hit songs on the radio, including that song called 'Two is Better than One', which they sang with Taylor Swift. (They were also on one of the floats in last year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with Taylor Swift performing that song). At the end of the show they called everyone up on stage with them, and I watched as Samantha and Emily bolted onto the stage, and I was amazed at how the band kept on playing without missing a beat with a stage full of screaming teens! It was priceless! The only people left on the floor were the parents who went with their kids. I know my ass wasn't about to jump on stage! haha. I will never forget the look on Sam's face when she was up there standing next to the guitarist. I know she will never ever forget that moment. Neither will Emily! :) I'm surprised they played at such a small venue. It was a seedy little music club in Cleveland called Peabody's. Definitely got a bunch of cool mom points there!

    Samantha just started high school yesterday and this is a whole new world for me. Not sure if I will be able to handle the older boys who drive & have cars and want to take my little girl out! I know that one is coming at some point. I don't think I'll be able to keep my "cool" when I cross THAT bridge! As far as my little boys go...they love me to death! haha. They're mama's boys! They're almost 10 & still in their sweet stage. I'm sure that will be coming to an end soon as they approach puberty. Yikes!


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