Monday, August 30, 2010

1st day of Daycare - 1st day back to work!

Well... today was my first day back to work.

It was also the first day Brian and I dropped off Julianna at daycare.
That was one of the hardest things we've had to do yet!

I have to say ... after being home for 14 weeks, I am very certain I could never be a "Stay-at-home" mom. I just don't have it in me. We also do not have that kind of money plus we live in NJ, so it will never happen. However, I would have liked to stay home with Julianna for another month at least. Maybe another few months. But the state of NJ says you are ready to go back after 14 weeks.... so fine, I am back.

This summer, I did alot of great things I never would have been able to do had I been working... I visited friends, went shopping, spent quality bonding time with Julianna, went to the pool, took Julianna all over the place, to the park, long walks, and hung out with some good friends.
I got to see the inside world of the "Stay-at-home" mom... most of it was fun, but I am not sure it was that appealing overall.
Don't get me wrong, part of me would love to stay at home with Julianna and be the happy "Stay-at-home" mom.... but I am someone that needs her own life & money. I feel like if I didn't work, I would lose part of my identity & my independence. I could never be the person that has to ask their husband for money - I just couldn't do it.

Not to mention, when I was out this summer, and talking to various "moms" ("moms" being random strangers with kids I met along the way. You know what I mean; when you go to the mall or park or wherever during the day, and start chatting it up with another mother you happen to be sitting/standing near) - it seemed like all they did was complain about their lives & husbands. What is there to complain about?? Really? Enjoy the day with your child! I guess maybe they just want someone to listen to them bitch about their lives or their crappy marriage? After talking to enough of 'those' people, I was thinking that it was NOT for me. If I had to listen to those moms all the time, I would run away screaming!! I wouldn't have much to say to any of them b/c I don't have anything in my life to complain about. haha!

I did however get to spend quality time with some friends that I normally wouldn't have had time to see - and that was a treat! Julianna got to travel all over the place as well! It was a fun summer and will always think about this summer with my baby as being one of the best ever in my life.

Today - Monday - Back to the grind. Back to work... and Julianna to daycare. Bummer.

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