Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A few more of my Favorite Baby things...

1. Babywise. I can't praise it enough! For anyone that is going to have a baby, or knows someone about to have a baby, I highly recommend it for adapting your life and your baby's life into a nice easy routine. It's not for everyone because I know not everyone beleives in putting your baby on a 'schedule' of sorts, but it works for us. And trust me, she doesn't go without eating or anything like that. Our daughter sleeps 7.5 - 8 hours at night at 10 weeks. She is on the cusp of going 8-9 hours soon.

2. Happiest Baby on the Block. The 5 S's! It is a very easy method of calming a fussy or crying baby. Brian and I love it. Get the DVD if you are going to get it - the book is not as easy to follow along with.

3. The Swing - In a previous post, I mentioned that Julianna doesn't like the swing. Well, she has come full circle. She loves it now. I think with this particular swing, she was hunched over a little too much in the beginning when she was a complete Bobble Head... Now she is bigger and seems to be more comfortable in the swing.

4. Car Mirror (the one you put in front of her car seat). Love it. They don't make them to color coordinate with your car interior (bright blue with yellow & red sea animals doesn't exactly jive with my style LOL) ... but I do love being able to drive and look in the rearview mirror to make sure she is ok. Although, at night, I can't see her because Toyota felt it not necessary to put a functioning light in the back seat that you can turn on from the front while driving - So I can't even see her at night. But.... that's for another blog - I'll write one soon for reasons not to buy a RAV4. My husband will love that (NOT!).

5. Hanging Car Seat Toys - At 10 weeks, Julianna is mesmerized by her little hanging Sassy bugs.

6. Johnson's Lavender "Bedtime Bath" wash & lotion. Love it. So does the baby!

7. Terri-Cloth bibs - I love them. I know some do not use them before solid foods... but with bottle feeding, she dribbles sometimes. Not to mention, when she spits up (which isn't often), I would rather it go on the bib than on her clothes. I am a neat freak haha. Mommy doesn't like a dirty baby- yep I'm a freak.

8. Onsies - I said it before, and will say it again, I love Onsies. I love any item of clothing that I can unsnap her, change her, and snap her back up in no time. Love it. I wonder how I am going to deal with long pants for the winter for her?! I wonder how long she can wear those? Maybe til she's 16?? Hmmmm... on second thought. We wouldn't want to give her anything with snapable crotch at the age of 16! Too easy to get out of! LOL

9. Sea Horse - Fisher-Price Ocean Wonder Soothe & Glow Seahorse - This naptime toy is wonderful. Julianna loves it. Sometimes she needs a little help falling asleep. With a gentle squeeze, her cuddly friend glows and plays soft music, lullabies and soothing sounds of the ocean. After five minutes the music fades, lights dim, and Julianna drifts to sleep. Erin recommended this to me, and I am recommending to everyone!!

10. Carters Clothes - I am a huge fan of Carters! I love their clothes. I love how soft they are, how inexpensive they are and how they hold up in the laundry... and of course how cute they are. So far, they beat out any other brand in my opinion. Too bad she grows out of them so fast.


  1. The seahourse is my signature gift everyone i know that has a baby gets one including you and everyone seems to love it!!!! glad it works for julianna like it dose for brionna

  2. #8 is too fun!!! Obviously I have no kids, but when I do I'll keep all these things in mind.


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