Friday, August 27, 2010

Julianna Update - 14 week progress

Time for the Julianna update!
She is 14 weeks today!
I'm not really sure when to stop counting weeks and start counting months. It gets too confusing when you hear people say "My daughter is 64 weeks old" - Huhhhh???

Talking - Julianna is talking all the time - all day long! She makes all kinds of noises and sounds. She is really finding her voice and every noise she makes, makes me smile and laugh. She is laughing out loud too - that is the best!!

Grabbing/Holding - Julianna is just starting to grab and hold things. She holds her bunny and pulls the ears into her mouth to suck on. Before she would bat at things - now she holds them. Pretty cool - at least Brian and I think so.

Video Camera - Brian and I bought a video camera like many first time parents do. I don't want to miss a thing!! I want to be able to look back and remember everything. I have some more videos to upload later.

Sleeping through the night - She is holding steady at 8 or 8.5 hours. Gonna start to stretch her out to 9 or 9.5 hours in a couple weeks. I think she is ready for it once we move her to eating every 4 hours (right around 4 months).

Smiling - She looks at Brian and I, and smiles all the time. Now, when we smile at her, she smiles back - talk about melting your heart! She giggles, laughs out loud and kicks her legs. She is a very happy baby!

Daycare & Back to work - Well this has been my last week off with Julianna... I go back to work on Monday, which means she goes to daycare. I am dreading leaving her... I know she will be in good hands but I am still going to have a hard time with it I'm sure. Luckily I have off Friday, and then Labor Day Monday, so it's 2 weeks in a row of 4-day work weeks.

Sitting up - Julianna has been sitting up in her Bumbo chair this week. She still needs help, but she is getting better by the day. I love the Bumbo Chair. She also sits up on my lap and can hold her head up strong!

Bath Time - Well, we attempted to move her into the regular bathtub. We put her baby bath tub in our tub... and attempted to bathe her in there. No go. It was like a circus act, it's hard to have that little tub in the big bath tub, and lean over the side comfortably and still bathe the baby correctly. We couldn't do it. Not enough room in our tiny bathroom. Looks like we may just need to bathe her in the sink until she can sit up enough to go in our tub.
We did buy this neat washcloth that is shaped like a frog - you get it wet with warm water, and drape it over her during bath time so she doesn't get chilly. She likes it!

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  1. She's doing so well. What a happy baby. Look at her in the 'bath tub' - Awww. When you were a baby, I washed you in a little plastic bin that was originally, I think, meant for dishes in the sink. I have a picture of it somewhere.
    But everything is specialized now. Same ends, different means. A smiling, giggling, happy baby is one of life's treasures.


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