Thursday, June 9, 2011


The plan was to go to the pool last Saturday and finally take in some rays and enjoy the pool that we paid our membership for. It didn't happen. The weatherman lied. They said it would be 80 & sunny. It was 62, cloudy & cold. I advised Julianna to become a TV Meteorologist since it's the only career where you can do your job wrong every day and never get fired!

So we had to go with Plan B. My husband suggested that we go to the local Arboretum here in Morris County. Well, let me tell you - what a great idea! We went (camera in tow) and took some amazing pictures, walked around and saw all that nature had to offer. Brian decided he wants to get an enormous beautifully smelling Japanese flowering tree that we saw. {The deer would love it too. haha!} Julianna liked the arboretum also. She was checking out all the brightly colored flowers and plants. We also saw a Mama Robin bird sitting on her nest of eggs. We also saw a Mama Mockingbird feeding her juvenile baby bird. Super Cute.

Here are some shots from Saturday.

This was a baby Mockingbird He was so cute & fluffy!

Baby Belle offering up her cracker

Arboretum Mansion window

Sunny glow

I have no idea what kind of flower this is but I love it!

Water pump

This is some kind of a rose... What kind? Who knows.
Guess I should have consulted my horticology guide while we were walking around LOL

Cool fluffy flowers!

The color on this plant is gorgeous. Love it.

Love these too.

Mama Robin protecting her eggs.


  1. beautiful pictures. thanks for sharing. I would like to go here one day. Maybe the next rainy day.

  2. Those are some great shots. That fluffy flower is so cool. Nate would love a place like this!

  3. What a wonderful use of the day. You really got beautiful photos. And Julianna is gorgeous as always.

  4. How totally gorgeous! Great shots!


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