Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What I'm looking forward to this summer...

Now this summer is upon us ... Here are some things I am looking forward to:

  • Vacation in the Outer Banks (North Carolina)
  • Enjoying time at the pool with Brian & Julianna
  • Watching Julianna grow & learn new things
  • Soaking in the sun
  • Evenings on our deck
  • Chirping birds
  • Fresh tomato & basil from our garden pots
  • Booking our 5 year anniversary trip to the Bahamas
  • Taking more pictures and going to a local photography workshop
  • Good friends of ours moving back to NJ in August

We joined a local pool called Frog Falls... You need a membership to get in and they only sell a certain # of memberships. We were sponsored by a friend since we don't live in the towns they offer memberships to. The weather was finally nice enough this past weekend where we were able to go and enjoy both Saturday & Sunday in the sun & pool. Julianna seemed to really like the baby pool... but she got chilly after a few minutes. Once she warmed up, back in the water she went! This place is great! It has water slides, a zero entry kiddy pool, a fountain area for the kids to run through, a huge zero entry pool for everyone, a lazy river and a big lunch area. You can also have kids parties there. I am counting down the days until this weekend when we can go back ... relax & enjoy the sun. The great thing is there are tons of canopies that offer shade so Julianna can take a nap in her stroller.
Win Win.

Here are some pictures from the weekend at the pool -


  1. Such great pictures! I wish we had a pool like. That near us! Wow! I'd probably go every weekend, lol. :)

  2. I was a member there for years when my girls were little. :) they loved it. My daughters friend is a lifeguard there.

  3. Wow...that looks like such a fun pool/water park! I'd be counting the days to return too!


  4. That place looks like lots of fun!!! I love Julianna's swimsuits! :) I can't resist anything with ruffles!!

  5. Looks like a wonderful place, Skye. Julianna looks as if she really likes it. She looks so cute in her ruffly suits. And pointy toes. :)

  6. Love the picture with her little toes pointed.... What a little diva :) I'm jealous of your pool! All we have is a little ghetto community one that I wouldn't let my cats play in. Enjoy as I'm sure you'll need the cool water a lot this summer!

  7. LOVE the 2nd to last picture of her and her chubby legs!!! Looks like a fun pool!

    The Bahamas is so much fun, we got engaged there and then went back for our honeymoon and were just talking that we want to go back again! I have a friend that is there right now, so jealous!

  8. Jess - thanks - we plan on going every sunny day possible LOL! :)

    Kimberly - then you know how great it is... it's such a great family place!

    Carla - It is! ANd we sure are counting down LOL

    Ashley O - Yes, the ruffly bathing suits are just too cute!!

    Nana Yvette- yes it is a fun place... she was pointing her toes to avoid putting her feeties in the cool water at first lol

    AManda - You know what's funny - this pool is on a Military base called Picatinny Arsenal ... have you or your husband heard of it?

    Alicia - chubby legs- i know, I love them!! Yeah we are looking forward to the bahamas. We are going to one of the smaller out islands and staying at a very small off-the beaten-path resort in a bungalow on the beach- we can't wait!


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