Monday, June 27, 2011

This past weekend

Julianna, Brian and I had a fun weekend...

We went to the Meadowlands fair on Saturday- we paid $27 to get in and park... and pretty much lapped the place once and left ... quickly. It was pretty gross. It stunk like sewage and beer and there were weirdos there. Sad that they call themselves the supposed NJ state fair. Luckily we have another bigger fair here called the Sussex county Farm & Horse Show {State Fair} and it is such a great fair. It's in August; I can't wait to go!

So ... we left the fair and went to the Bergen County Environmental Center where we walked around and saw the Red Tail hawks, peacocks, turkeys, some white funny deer, ducks, and some other cute birds. The peacock kept making this loud Cawwwww Cawwwww. And Julianna would squawk back at it. We were cracking up! It was relaxing to walk around.

There was a wedding going on at this park, and when we were hanging out down on one of the lookouts, the flower girl came running up the boardwalk path and I got a nice shot of her. So cute!

After the environmental center, we went to PF Changs for dinner. Ohhhh we are so lucky there is not a PF Changs right by our house (this one is about 40 mins away) because I would be 400 pounds LOL. We love this place. For anyone that has never gone.... you must go.

Sunday we went to the pool and chilled out. I love weekends like this! I hated for it to be over...

Here is the picture of the random flower girl running down the boardwalk. I wish I could have found the bridal party to give this picture to them.

Daddy teaching Julianna-Fish how to swim!  

Pondering another cracker at the pool  

Julianna looking so cute 

Julianna did not want to be held at all! "Put me down Mommy!"  

Julianna loves standing up and playing with the stroller buckles.  


Random butterfly at the Environmental Center 


  1. Oh my, she looks so much older! And, of course, super cute!

  2. Such great shots - that first one is really special and I also love the last one!

  3. The one of her in the stroller with her hat on sideways is just so cute!

  4. That's the worst - paying money to get into a place, making all of that effort and it ends up being such a waste. Yuck. But it sounds like you really turned it around and had a great day. That is a fantastic shot of the flower girl! And Julianna is ridiculously cute, as always :)


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