Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kudos to Kim Klassen Cafe ...

I want to quickly post about Kim Klassen Cafe Blog -
It's a nice photography site, and she offers some pay classes along with some freebies too. I took a free class on textures and I have to say, I learned a ton from her class! I have since been collecting textures and I love playing with them when I edit photos. (Great one more thing to delay me!)You might call me a texture addict even!

Here is the link to her blog; Kim Klassen.
I just bought THIS texture pack too - with about 80 textures to play with - hoorraayy!

She offers a free texture on Tuesdays when you sign up for the Texture Tuesday emails. It's a nice blog and was very helpful to me - Just wanted to share it with you all.



  1. i love! you used some on your pic of the stadium too, right? very cool!

  2. Rachel - Yes! I did use it on that shot ... It's fun to play! :)
    When her blog offers that 7 days class again, I'll try to post about it so everyone knows! :)


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