Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday at the Park ...

At the Park last week ...


  1. Super cute! I especially love the way her hair curls around her hat (how do you get her to keep a hat on, btw?!) and the first picture of both of you. I need to get more pictures of me with my kids. Harry loves those bucket swings too!


  2. Oh thanks carla - it's true- all of us momies have very little pictures of us with our kids! We are always the ones chasing them around with the camera! We get lucky - sometimes she will keep a hat on when she is preoccupied- we have always put hats on her, so she still keeps them on sometimes- but mostly only baseball style hats - not big rimmed hats - she rips those suckers right off!

  3. Mandy - thanks! I love that she finally fits into her yankee hat :)


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