Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vacation at the Beach -
Part Two {2}

Yes, I am slow... it's summer. What can I say. No time to do anything especially when the weather has been so nice... we've been enjoying the outdoors. Here is my Vacation at the beach Part 2 post & pictures...finally.


  1. don't the pictures of the backs of their sweet little heads just make your heart explode in a million pieces? <3

  2. Rachel - I know!! I just love taking pictures of her little adorable curly head! LOL

  3. Julianna looks tan! You all seem to be having so much fun--I think I need to go to the beach now! What a fun vacation!


  4. Carla - Yes! She actually did get tan that week even though she had on 100 spf sunblock - but at least she did not burn in any way. It was cute to see little tan lines on her ;)


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