Monday, August 15, 2011

Yankee Game

This past Saturday, Brian and I got to spend some quality time together, doing our favorite thing that we love to do. We went to the Yankee game. Julianna stayed home with the babysitter. She won't be going to a game until maybe next summer- but most likely not for 2 summers. She needs to be able to sit for the game and kind of understand it. I can't wait to bring her one day!

The game was Yankees vs. Rays - and it was also the day that Derek Jeter was honored for his 3000th hit. What a game & the Yankees put a hurtin' on the Rays. We enjoyed a great game and indulged in hotdogs, garlic fries, peanuts, cracker jacks & beer! Oh and some ice cream too - haha! {Yeah I know, maybe over indulged a bit}. My husband and I love going to a baseball game. This is our first one this year, which is quite unusual for us. We normally go to several games a year but for whatever reason did not go to any yet. We have some catchin' up to do! Maybe a playoff game? 

For those of you that don't know, I am a HUGE Yankees fan. You can check out my blog post about "Growing up Yankee" when you have a few minutes.

Here are some pictures from the game 

You'd never know the old stadium used to be right here ... now it's a beautiful park and walkway.

 RIP Boss Steinbrenner

 If you squint you can see Derek's butt (#2)

The Big Man - CC

Stadium dogs - nothing like em'

Ah... the garlic fries. You haven't lived until you've had Yankee stadium garlic fries! 

 And the beer... Love my $10 Yankee stadium beer.

 ...And here we are! Our seats were decent - main level (middle level) in left field.




  1. Great post! You look gorgeous in braids. :)

    Those garlic fries look pretty gorgeous too.

  2. Hi Skye!
    Wasn't it a great game? Your hot dog and fries photos made me hungry!!
    I didn't know that Jeter was going to be honored until the game began but I was so happy to see the ceremonies and the exceptional ring that the Yankee organization gave to him and his dad.
    I read your growing up Yankee post..such good memories for you. I grew up a Mets fan (although I always loved Mickey Mantle as a child) When I met my husband he converted me into a full blown Yankee fan! It's all good :)
    PS: Your daughter is adorable!

  3. My sister is a big Yankee fan and has season tickets. Once in awhile she will take me. Cute pictures!

  4. awesome pictures! what a good time! there is just nothing better than baseball and beer in the summertime! :)

  5. Yvette Nana- thanks - took me 30 mins to do those braids - grrrr - and they still looked like someone with no fingers did them!

    Pat - We did NOT know Derek was going to be honored either- we were like "Oh wow what is this???!!!" - and yes great game - hip hip jorge! THe old man still has it!
    Funny b/c my husband was a mets fan when I met him and I have successfully converted him over to the dark side ;) hehehehe

    Kimberly - Oh your sister is a lucky person - I wouldn't mind season tickets!! :)

    Rachel - Amen to that! Beer & hotdogs. YUM!

  6. What a fun time! I think I forgot to respond to you about the Yankees v Mets thing. I am actually not personally a Yankee fan (or much of any fan really) but my mom and dad's families are hardcore :)


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