Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday {Almost}

Julianna loves her Mum-Mum crackers!

Edit 8/24/11 - I entered this picture in the "For the love of Blogs" Picture Perfect contest! Check it out and please go  click on "LIKE" under my picture (#5!) - Thank you !!!!

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  1. that picture is too cute <3 mum-mums are a fave in our house too :)

  2. Julianna's eyes are so gorgeous! Great shot. We also love mum-mums (STILL - 2 years). They are perfect for carrying in the diaper bag!

  3. thanks!! I am lucky she is photogenic! LOL
    Mum mums rock!

  4. She is Beautiful! What a wonderful shot!! I am your newest follow from FTLOB : ) Good luck in the contest!!

  5. Open Eyes - Hi ya! Thanks for stopping by! And thanks, That shot was a total mistake, I was changing some settings and just took some pics of J eating her beloved crackers! LOL.


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