Thursday, February 23, 2012

Julianna is 21 months old

Julianna is 21 months old today. I know I say it all the time, but I can't believe how old my little girl is getting. She will be 2 years old in 3 months! I can't believe it! I really need to start thinking about what to do for her birthday party... Mickey Mouse Clubhouse maybe... who knows. I know this - it is going to be a simple party. Easy. Simple. Small.

Word of the day: WOW! (Julianna says it all the time. "Wow Mommy! Wow Daddy!")

Here are some milestones we have hit in the last month with Julianna ... 

  • Throws ball overhand (to the dog) 
  • She jumps 
  • Follows instructions very well (i.e. Julianna please go put your bottle in the sink... Julianna please sit on the sofa so we can put your shoes on)
  • She says about 10-15 words. She is not a big talker yet. I know other kids her age are saying more words than her, and I know I'm not supposed to compare, but I can't help it! 
  • Julianna is a very observant child. She watches EVERYTHING. We go to the park, and she WATCHES all the kids playing together. She watches the kids interacting. We call her the "Quiet Observer". Ha! 
  • She can open & close doors
  • Julianna doesn't like when "things" are out of order; such as when a magnet falls off the fridge, she runs to get it and stick it back on the fridge. If there is a piece of garbage, she picks it up and throws it out. 
  • She can walk down stairs and up stairs with us holding a hand. 
  • Able to put a simple puzzle together 
  • She understands EVERYTHING we say to her. I can't believe how fast she figures stuff out. 
  • She plays a simple game of hide & seek (hiding behind her chair back and popping up when we say "Where's Julianna??" 
  • Julianna can put her shoes on (not always on the right feet though)
  • She colors all of the time - She loves to color in her activity books. 
  • If she is doing something she shouldn't be - and you ask her to "put it down" - She jumps and drops what she is doing, and runs! She KNOWS she shouldn't be picking dog food out of Pepper's bowl... 
  • She can stack 7 blocks or more
  • She asks Why? And Where (like "Where's daddy?")
  • She wipes off the table with a napkin when we are out at a restaurant (Gee, I wonder if she got that from Germ-phobe mommy & daddy who always wipe down the table with an antibacterial wipe first LOL) 
  • She dances up a storm to music on tv or the radio. 
  • Julianna loves to 'pretend play' now - like going grocery shopping with her cart. She puts the groceries in and off she goes pushing her grocery cart like she's in Shoprite! 
  • Julianna eats really well. Loves her chicken, fish, beef (only if steak or meatballs, not burgers), & pizza.  This kid could eat pizza every day. Then again so can mommy & daddy. She loves all fruit & can eat a whole banana in less than a minute. She loves yogurt & milk. She does not like creamy stuff like mac& cheese or grilled cheese... or Alfredo style sauces. And NO veggies still - so we give her Ella's organic veggie pouches with dinner, and she loves those. Go figure?! So for now, those will do! We keep trying to give her veggies... and she keeps chucking them to the dog. 
  • She is wearing size 2t pants - and 3t shirts. (Uh yeah, the kid is tall!) 

Things she does that we are LOVING:

  • You ask her to pick something up and put it somewhere else, she understands totally and does it. ("Julianna can you pick up your broken crayon and throw it out in the garbage?" - and off she goes to throw it out happily!) Can I get a HOORAY!?!
  • You ask her to "touch" your nose or give you a kiss - and she touches it with hers like a kiss! (picture below)

Julianna's stacked blocks

Julianna loves to grocery shop...

...And loves to color. She keeps her crayons in a small shoebox. 

... And loves to have fun with Daddy! 

...And loves to have Daddy read to her. 


  1. She is really a cute little girl!

  2. Replies
    1. thank you Kim! and then the big "2" is coming up soon!

  3. Mason is a big sit back and watch kind of guy himself. You always wonder what's going on in their heads as they watch the other kids.

  4. Awwww... this is the sweetest post. Love the daddy & baby girl shots! Beautiful Pictures, btw!

    1. Aww thanks melanie! I love taking pictures of julianna and daddy...


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