Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kudos to the NY Giants

Congratulations to the New York Football Giants on winning Superbowl XLVI!!
What a great season this has been! Hats off to Eli and the Giants! They worked hard and forged on even through some bad losses this season.
I don't know how many of you are Football fans.. or worse, how many of you are Patriots fans (teehee!)? What a great season this turned out to be for the NY Giants. And I love that they beat the New England Patriots for the 2nd time in the Superbowl in 4 years. To me, that's as good as the Yankees beating the Red Sox in the post season!

Right before the Giants played their first playoff game, we bought a Giants balloon in the store. Julianna loved this balloon, carried it everywhere and the Giants kept winning. We brought the balloon out into the living room for each playoff game ... and the Giants kept winning against all odds. So, really, we had to keep the balloon or I thought we would cause the Giants to lose! Superstitious I suppose? I think the Giants won because of our balloon. I really do. I might keep it until next season! Maybe it will give my Yankees good luck - ya never know?!

Julianna likes to run with the Giants balloon.


  1. Well, you guys get an award for the cutest Giants fan! I'm not a 'fan' of either team, but I was trying my hardest to cheer for the Patriots...only because I am a Wes Welker fan. I loathe Tom Brady (a hatred that was magnified when his wife opened her trap a few days ago...), but I do like Eli. I'm happy to see him get a second ring. So, "Yay, Giants!"

  2. Thanks! So sorry about your Patriots - Teehee. Glad you like Eli though - he is a very likable guy on and off the field. Oh and Giselle- I have no words for her other than she should stay far away from any of the Patriots unless wants to be harassed by them. SHe broke the golden rule amongst team members. You don't badmouth your own.


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