Sunday, February 19, 2012

Please help ... I might crossover and need some advice!

OK ... so as some of you may know, but most of you probably don't, I am a tech geek. I won't classify myself as a Guru because that I am not. But, I love new tech toys and new gadgets. I am always looking to improve and try new stuff! I have been thinking about a MacBook Pro for a couple months now. Something about Mac fascinates me lately... not sure what... but it's calling my name. "Buy me..... Buy Me....."

I am a bit nervous since I have never actually touched a Mac before. Well, once actually, and then I ran away. Macs are always segregated from the PC world. I worked in IT, and never touched the Macs in the building... they had their own support. We steered clear of those scary monsters.

I am going to try and hit the Apple store in the next few days to check out the MacBook Pro in person. I am quite intimidated. That is a big statement coming from someone {me} who normally jumps headfirst into anything PC! I can fix a PC, fix software, update programs, and figure out {just about} anything with PC's. It is a bit nerve wracking to think about buying something that is so different than my fail-safe Windows PC that I can recite the file structure of in my sleep. Anyhow, enough blabbering.

So I have 2 questions for you ...

1. Does anyone out there in blog land have a Mac Book Pro (or Mac computer) and how do you like it?

2. If you went from Windows to Mac, how hard was the crossover? Was it easy to pick up the MAC OS and get used to it? What about your licensed programs on your Windows PC? Was it hard to get everything switched over? I talked to Adobe today and they told me my Lightroom will crossover... but my Photoshop CS3.... uh.... there's issues there. I would need to come up with another solution {gulp}.

Help me to make my decision buy a MacBook Pro!

And just for fun.... 

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  1. Sorry I am no help in this department. But good luck with your decision.

    1. Oh lol It's quite alright, and I think I have decided! :) Mac it is!

  2. I have a MAC desktop (came from a PC). I am NOT a tech guru of any sort...more of a tech virgin actually :). I had absolutely no problems whatsoever adapting. I was quite surprised by that actually. A few little PC habits I had to break, but didn't take long. Good luck!


  3. Well, it sounds like you already made your decision and an excellent one! I use a MacBook (not a Pro) and I LOVE IT! I'm on my second one (yes, I shelled out the money twice because it's worth it), but only because hubby spilled diet coke on the first one and fried the hardware. Oops.

    To answer your first question, you'll have no trouble learning the MacOS. It's different but once you get the hang of it...and you is much more intuitive than any PC or Microsoft product.

    Second question: I had to buy all new word products (again, I hate Microsoft) for my Mac. But you'll love Adobe on a was made for a Mac! I assume you'll have to buy a Mac version of CS3 for your Mac, but if you find out different I would love to hear. I've got a desktop PC and the MacBook...I would love to buy software that I could load on both. I haven't really looked into it.

    Overall, I think with your new photography hobby that a Mac is better suited to your needs. Sorry this is so long. I just love Mac products and got really excited for you :)

    P.S. Hubby worked for Google and they gave him a MacBook Pro...he loved it. When he left and went to work for Ebay, they issued him a PC. He hates the PC so much he wants to replace our desktop with a Mac desktop just so he can use a Mac again. haha.

    1. Thanks Kim! You are right, I pretty much have made up my mind LOL - I just needed some reinforcement. Most say that they love their MAC ... so I am going to go out on a limb and put my PC behind me so to speak! I look at it this way- I support PCs with my job and work in a PC world... and my husband still has a PC too - so it will be here when I need it if i need it. (Doubt it!!!!!!)

  4. A new computer sounds exciting! Sadly, I have no useful info for you--I'm all PC (and a bit jealous of your PC skills!). ;) Good luck...and have fun!!


    1. Thanks Carla - at least I have the moral support to make my decision from you ;)


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