Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Part 2 - Photography mentoring

Part 2 - Photography mentoring at Jockey Hollow (National Park) in Morristown, NJ

This past Monday, I posted about my Photography workshop session with Adam Turow. I posted mostly outdoor shots then. I did want to keep today's photos separate, just to break things up. These photos in this post were taken in and around the Wick House in the Jockey Hollow Park. I thought it was a neat building on the inside...

For those interested, here is some Wick House history.
Wick House is located in Jockey Hollow, where George Washington's troops took up camp & lived in the winter of 1779/1780. This area of NJ has an abundance of history, and for that, I am rather grateful to live here and be able to experience it.

Back of Wick House. I can't wait to come back here in the summer to get some colorful shots!

Wick house cooking utensils 

A bedroom in the Wick House, with some colonial clothes draped across

Made bed in Wick House

General St. Clair's jacket

Back of Wick House


  1. Really liking those b/w shots. Sometimes color is so unnecessary.


  2. These are great! Love your compositions and the b & w.

  3. The one of the jacket is especially fine, Skye. I would enlarge that and frame it.

  4. Kathy - you are so right. I do end up converting so many shots into B&W. I just love the way it looks sometimes!

    Melissa- thank you very much!

    Jaymi - THank you so much! :)


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