Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lately .... what's been going on?

So I have some random pictures from the past couple of weeks.. no particular theme or order to them. Just stuff we had going on.
I really am getting the "Winter Blues" lately. I really am wishing for warmer weather. I need some 75 degree & sunny days soon - please?! I know it's still far away in NJ. And I refuse to acknowledge these "freak" 50 degree days as balmy. Sorry, but it's still cold. Hummmpphh. {Yes that's me frowning here!}

We had our first & only snow here a couple weekends ago. The snow was gone in a day. This has been a weird winter, only one snowfall so far. And I guess that's a good thing since Julianna HATES the snow. Hates it! 

Julianna was happy that Daddy picked her up out of the snow and put her on his lap! 

Julianna not liking the whole snow-suit thing. Not at all. 

Julianna doing "Touch Down" with Grandpa!

Julianna loves to read. 

Radiant flowers to brighten up the gloomy winter days. 

Yayyyyyyyyy! The kid loves to do this. Not sure why. 

I had to take this picture. Pepper is always thinking "What about me???". 
She lays all smushed up on the other side of Daddy while he reads Julianna a book. You can see the jealousy on her face! Ha!

Pepper - our Jack Russell/Doxie mix. 


Julianna can stack 6 or 7 blocks now. Big deal, right? It is for us. That's a huge milestone at 20 months! 


And at the end of this post, we hit 60 degrees earlier today (wed) and I ran my daughter to the park after work so we could embrace that half hour of light before it got too cold to play outside!

This kid loves the park!

This was an accident... but actually came out kinda cool, huh?

Maybe we'll get some more warm days to enjoy at the park! 


  1. Oh man, I remember my mom bundling me up and shoving me out the door to have "fun" in the snow...haha...all that work for 5 minutes of fresh air cause I hated it too! Still do :)


  2. She looks really cute at the park! Funny she doesn't like the snow...maybe next year when she is a bit older.

  3. Oh, I'm sending you as many warm thoughts as I can! That first picture totally made me laugh--I have no idea how Harry would respond to a world covered in ice! He does like to throw himself backwards into the couch too, though! Isn't it amazing how grown up they suddenly seem?


  4. We coudn't even play in the snow because The Marsh was sick :( Since we're really not having a real winter I'm starting to pine for warmer weather too. I can't wait for Spring! Great pics!

  5. Kathy - yeah we are sooo not cold weather people - so I know she gets that from us!

    Kimberly - yes I am hoping if we ever do get more snow this year, she will like it. What a waste of a whole snowsuit!

    Melissa- oh yes, they seem to get bigger every day don't they?!

    Carla - Thanks, yeh thats right, you guys don't really get snow. Although we haven't had much this yr aside from this one storm... and not looking hopeful. We are very unseasonably warm this winter. I'll take it.

    Amanda - Aww poor MArshall! Nice to see you surface again! :) Hope to see some blogging soon -

    Have a nice day to you all!

  6. CHloe loves to do the back bend thing on the couch, too. What is that?!?!


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