Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aimless & Arbitrary stuff lately

I took Julianna to the Lake this weekend to take some photos and watch the boats... I am still going though those pictures now, and hope to post them sooner than later.

But in the meantime, here is some random stuff... 

1.  I went to sip my cup of water that was sitting on the deck, and there was this thing floating it in (still alive!) - Good thing I looked in the cup first! (Yes that's a big-ass bee!) 

2.  Some of my favorite Iphone Apps lately are: 
  • Red Laser - This is cool. If you are out shopping and see something you like, you scan the barcode and Red Laser tells you if you can find it cheaper somewhere else or online instantly. 
  • Amazon - Great for Amazon-aholics like myself. 
  • InstapicFrame - Nice addition for your Instagram shots & more frames
  • Trip Advisor - Love this if you are a review-nut like me. I won't go to any hotel, destination or restaurant without first reading all the reviews on it! 
  • Line Camera- Another nice little iphone picture editing app to compliment your InstagramBugs Buttons - Great game to keep my toddlers busy - the bugs look real and it has a ton of stuff for her to explore. 
  • Google Plus+ and RSS Reader- I use the reader to catch up on reading blogs while I am out (like when I'm getting a pedicure) and I use Google plus app to upload my phone pics to be available to use on my blog - Can you say SUPER easy??!! 
What are your favorite apps on your smart phone? Please share! 

3.  I am scouring Craigslist for this lately - Hoping to find one of these beach carts for the beach that isn't too expensive before the end of the summer - Making 2 trips from the car is getting old really fast. 

4.  Meet our new friend Weber. He's swell. 

5.  I just love these. LOVE them. I think they are made specifically for ShopRite .... but maybe not? If you have a Shoprite by you - pick these wafers up - they are delish!! 

6.  What kid doesn't love these? 

7.  This is my daughter's favorite little car to ride on and her trusty Giraffe rides in the basket. This giraffe is her true love. This thing never leaves her side! God help us if we lose it! 

Have a great day !! 


  1. We fell in love with the wafer cookies during our trip to Germany. Luckily I can actually get ones made in Germany from the international aisle at the grocery store!

  2. I am a TOTAL "Tripadvisor" groupie! I have NEVER been steered wrong in using that sight.

    1. Us too! We don't go anywhere without checking first- even on vacation, we did not go to any restaurants without checking TA first LOL! I also write reviews on the places we go as well - its fun!

  3. Great post Skye! The bee in the cup thing is giving me the heebie jeebies over here; it IS a good thing you looked first! Great phone apps too! Red Laser is definitely a neccessity; I use something similar called The Find (bar code scanner). Love line camera; been using it for awhile now :o) Love that grill too, I'll be right over for dinner! OMG and NEED NEED NEED that beach cart! That is awesome!

    1. Thanks ... Wouldn't you know it I got stung by a bee this week so I guess that was a warning it was going to happen! I Haven't been stung since I was 10 years old!! We love our new grill - we have been griling just about every night if it hasn't rained.
      Have a great weekend !!


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