Friday, August 10, 2012

NJ State Fair - Sussex County Farm & Horse Show

Every year in the summertime, I look forward to the NJ State Fair! Brian and I look forward to the rides, the food, the animals, the petting zoo, livestock, the pig races, the cool stuff for sale, vendor tents, rides, games, sweaty weirdos walking around, and did I mention FOOD? Oh the food - the cheese steaks, fries, zeppoles, homemade milkshakes, kettle corn, and lemonade just to name a few of my favorite things. We always manage to leave there with a nice case of the bloat.

It was hot as heck this year, but we managed to get through by going in and out of the buildings and shade, and drinking a ton of water & lemonade. Once the sun started to set, it cooled down quite a bit thank goodness.

We were all hot sweaty messes at the fair- Needed to super-hydrate!! 

 Julianna liked riding the kiddie tractors

My hysterical laughing child!! 

Julianna loved the pony ride! The pony's name was Vince. He was super soft and she loved petting him .

 The only issue with Julianna's John Deere dress was, it kept coming untied. Here's daddy straightening it out. At one point, we were wheeling her in her stroller through one of the vendor tents, and one of the vendors rudely pointed out that our child was naked and said she should get Mardi Gras beads for it. My husband was ready to punch the guy - but then we saw that our child was indeed naked from the waste up in the stroller... and we had to laugh. Sort of. 

Julianna on the choo-choo train ride. What ride doesn't this kid love?!

I can't remember what ride this was - but by this point, anything resembling a ponytail on Julianna's head was long gone from being windblown, sweat on, and tugged on. 

Mommy with Julianna on the kiddie rollercoaster. This is a rare site. You won't see me on any rides too often. I also found out half way through the ride I sat on the wrong side of my daughter, because when we went around the one bend rather hard, I almost crushed her! Oops! She still laughed & smiled the whole time so I guess she was ok. 

Who doesn't love the carrousel? 

And what's a day at the fair without one full-fledged meltdown?!

Milkshake solves everything. 

Here is her John Deere dress - pretty cute! 

Holy sweaty fair hair!

Daddy & Jules on the tractor at the fair. This might be my favorite picture of the bunch. 

Sheer happiness. 

Do you go to your state fair every year like us? What's your favorite thing to do there? 


  1. We always went to the fair when the kids were little. It was always HOT!! Love all your pictures. I think my favorite is the carrousel ones.

    1. Yeah we love the fair ... I wish we could go more than once but we just did not have the time this yr!!

  2. Great post! Looks like a blast! Your pictures keep getting better and better! That one of her cracking up has me laughing over here! She is just so freakin' cute! That dress is so pretty too; looks fabulous on her! I thinks it's the fabric of the ribbon that is making it come undone. I haven't been on a roller coaster in years; my stomach is super sensitive! I look forward to The Big E and Topsfield Fair that comes around at the beginning of Fall which, to me, is the perfect walking around weather :o) These pictures have got me even more excited to go this year; can't wait!

    1. Thank you! Funny b/c I was looking back to when I first got my DSLR and analyzing the pictures and I do realize I have come a long way - I am pretty satisfied but I need to keep going & practicing!! Oh the cracking up photo- yeah that is one of my favorites- that shows her personality - she is always laughing and I love it! Her john deere dress is cute, her grandma got that for her and it was perfect for the fair - haha! Not too sure it's good for very day wear, but it's a fun dress indeed! :)
      I wish our fair was in the fall too - it was like 95 degrees and 100% humidity that day - it was warm LOL. Enjoy your fair! I'm sure we'll see pictures from it! :) Oh and the rides- yeah I have vertigo so anything that spins or moves fast is OUT for me - I am ok on the slow moving kids train and this rollercoaster was ok too... but that is about it! haha! Have a great day xo

  3. These are so cute, especially number 3.

  4. AWW! These are just magical mama! Perfect day w/ your cuties!

    1. thank you! It really was -we know how to have fun right! haha!

  5. I hate the State Fair (too many years in 4-H?), but I do love the milkshake picture. I can't believe how much older she looks in it. Glad you guys had a good time!

  6. Love the John Deere dress!!!!! Kylie has several of that style, if the ribbon won't stay tied, just try double knotting it, that usually works for us. Also, love the sweaty fair hair :) Great pictures and looks like so much fun! I am ashamed to say I have never been to our state fair~we do go to various fairs pretty often, in small towns around us and then of course there is the rodeo, but haven't made it to the official state fair. It is on my list to go in the future, in our defense it is a few hours away otherwise I'm sure we would have gone by now!

    1. Yeah its a fun dress for these occasions but not for everyday especially since Julianna stripped it off while she was in her stroller LOL! We love the summer here wih all the fairs & carnivals, etc ... especially this year with Julianna's age. So much fun!!

  7. Our fairs are pretty much in the Fall and Spring, even Winter, around here, other than a few specific summer type ones. I decided to check and see when our state one is and it is actually at a time that we will be there for his company party. I might have to see if Chad wants to stay an extra night in Dallas and we could possibly go to the fair, for sure something to think about!! Kylie wouldn't be with us though and I know she would enjoy it.



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