Monday, August 6, 2012

Yes!! She went in the ocean and walked on the sand!

Well it finally happened.
I think I have been telling you all that Julianna refused to walk on the beach and forget going near the ocean! No way!

Brian, Julianna and I went to the beach this past Friday and it was a very hot day. No way were we going to not spend the day in the water. "Today was the day" we said to each other...

We brought Julianna down by the water in her chair - and she was happily watching everyone in the water and kept her feet cautiously off the sand, and up on her chair.

I left my canon in the car - the beach was crowded and I was nervous about storing my camera in our tent on the beach out of site from where we were hanging out on the water front. I ended up running it back to the car and took some pictures with my iphone instead. At least I had that so we could have proof Julianna actually went in the water.

Brian and I got her out of her chair - we both grabbed one hand each - and told her it was time to walk on the beach and go in the water. She picked up her feet and was squealing. Then the first wave hit her foot... she slowed down on the squeal... the 2nd wave... and she stopped screaming. The 3rd wave... and she was totally ok with it and saw how much fun we were having... and was saying "Weeeeeeee" when the water hit her feet. Game over. Fear is a distant memory officially. Yes!!

After a few minutes of us holding her hand in the water, she let go and said "I do!" and was fine without us holding her hands in the waves going over her feet. Miss Independent strikes again.

Julianna likes the beach, the ocean the the sand! She even walked on the sand to go get lunch! Hooray us!

Resting quietly after the fun times in the ocean! No nap... but at least it was quiet time. 

Have a great day! 


  1. She did it!!! Your right you had to be in the water this weekend. What beach do you go to?

    1. Yayy is right! We went to 7 presidents beach in Long Branch - we love it there - and its only about 1 hour & 15 minutes away... It's a state park and it's super clean, there is a big pavilion with picnic tables in the shade & a snack bar, showers, big bathrooms... and a walkway that goes halfway out to the water so you don't have to walk on the hot sand for a mile LOL. We love it there!! We went to Point Pleasant last week which is nice but 7 presidents is much better in our opinion.

  2. So cute!!!! That's so great that she loves it now! We just moved about 10 minutes from the beach in CT and our older two loooooove it. The baby is still unsure, but I'm sure he'll love it next year when he's walking. Your beach looks so nice!

    1. Thanks Heather- Yes this is huge because we really thought we would not be able to go the ocean his summer - we love it so much there, and its nice to be able to go now - i think we'll head down for the next 4 weekends until labor day - haaha! I wish I was 10 minutes from the beach - that would be great! :)

  3. Oh Julianna, I am so proud of you!!! Love the pic of Daddy and J(up in the air).

    1. thank you!! We are so proud too!! :) We hope to get to the beach this SUnday again ... and play i the waves again!!

  4. I saw your post title and did a double take; was I reading that correctly? :o) OMG, this is HUGE news! I'm so happy for her and you! That is so great. Hopefully there is no turning back for her now, that she loves it so much she doesn't even remember ever being afraid of it! You are lucky to be able to go the beach as often as you do! I'm glad you were able to capture such a sweet moment :o)

  5. Yeah it is super huge no kidding!! We are going on Sunday to the same beach most likely - I can't wait. Should be fun and she is going to help me collect sea rocks- there were sooo many of them there, and I think they would nice in a vase here at home... she loves to help, so I'll give her a bucket and walk on the beach with her to collect them!! :)


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