Sunday, August 26, 2012

Finagle a Photo - Best of Summer!

I am participating today in Happy Jax's "Finagle a Photo - Best of Summer" and "Best of week" series.
I can't believe it's time to choose the best summer photos already. I'm in major denial that summer is almost over. It was hard to choose my favorites but I did it. I'm sure I'll have new favorites next week again! Check out Happy Jax - Melanie's blog - she has some amazing photography of her son and check out some of the people linking up for "Best of Summer" Series.

Here is my "Best of Week" shot from this past week

I cropped a little off center, straightened it, brightened & sharpened a bit.
This was my favorite shot this week because it shows Julianna's personality. She runs fast & far and has so much fun doing it! Arms & legs in all directions. We went to the Lake Mohawk boardwalk on Friday and she loved it. She loves anything exciting & outdoors. 

** Here are my "Best of summer" shots **
Some of these are repeats from this summer if you followed me closely. Some are new.

My favorite sunset photo from our vacation in Ocean City, MD in July. 

Dark clouds make for a cool background sometimes (along with Boondoggle Lightroom preset). 
This was taken on vacation in Ocean City, on the canal inlet where we stayed. 

I love my baby girl's eyelashes. 

This is one of my favorites from our summer vacation - This is the Ocean City Boardwalk at sunset. 

This is the Lake Mohawk (Sparta, NJ) Boardwalk by us. I went here with my mom & Julianna this week. 
It's nice to walk around & see the German inspired restaurants & buildings. 

My happy girl on vacation. 

My golden girl. 

My husband played golf this summer and loved it. He wants to take lessons now. 

My "Hollywood" daughter. 

Here are some Before & Afters.  
Still part of my "Best of Summer" pics. 

SOOC - "Before" - It was too bright & too centered. But I adored her feet sticking out and the solitude of this shot. 

Fixed-"After" - I darkened & deepened it, straightened the horizon, cropped off center, removed random swimmer heads. 

 SOOC - "Before" - I thought there was too much going on in the top background with the building.

Fixed - "After"- I liked it in B&W better, and I cropped out the busy background. 

 That's it. I hope you enjoyed the summer photos. Which is your favorite? 

EDIT 9/7/12 - I Won! I won! I won the 'best of summer' over at Happy Jax where I linked up here! Pretty cool man!


  1. favorite is Julianna with the sunglasses on - going all Hollywood on us.

    1. Thanks Kim!! Yes! Hollywood for sure! She is in love with wearing sunglasses! I wonder where she gets that from... perhaps mama!! :)

  2. Oh wow..that first shot is fabulous with all that soft bokeh in the background. You've got a boatload of great photos here!!!!! A productive summer for sure :)

    1. Thank you! That was a fun day - I love taking snaps of her while she is exploring a new place - you can see always how much fun she has when she is running & giggling! Yes it was a productive summer and it't not over yet! :)

  3. HOLY CANOLI... girl these are A-mazing. LOVE them all bunches. That little girl of yours is beyond precious, & YOU are an AWEsome photog. Means so much for linking up & thank you for the sweet words! You are kinda GREAT! Lol)

    Sky... I'm such a goof mama... I added last weeks linky code. The correct one is up now. PLEEEEase come back & link up!

    So happy you joined us!!

    1. Thank you thank you! :) Well I did just go back and link up - thanks for setting that up. It was a fun post to put together - I enjoyed going through all my summer shots and picking out my favs so far... there are so manY! :)

  4. Lol... of course I know how to spell your name Miss Skye!) Sorry) smiles.

  5. I love your shots and WHAT a little cutie she is! :)

  6. Oh My.. I can't even wrap around getting to a FAV shot here as they are all SOOOO Ahhhhmazingly awesome.. Great shots.. I adore her sitting on the boardwalk, the skylines, the run down the boardwalk, so much to indulge in here.. LOVE your shots.. Thanks so much for linking via FAF this week.. Wishing you a perfect day.. xo

    1. thank you marilyn! It was fun going through every picture to choose - so hard to choose and narrow down!!

  7. All your favorites are my favorites too! Your processing is always fabulous! Love the photo you chose to enter into FAF's challenge! Love the motion you captured!

    1. Thank you !! I love that compliment b/c of course I think nothing ever looks good enough - *sigh*
      I like when Julianna runs - her arms & legs flail all over and it makes me laugh!

  8. So hard to choose a favorite! These are all amazing photos. I think the 'happy girl on vacation' photo is my favorite. She is just so cute! Looks like you had a great summer :)

    1. thank you susan - happy girl on vacation might be one of my all time favs - that is totally her personality! The summer was great but not over yet... :)

  9. She is so stinking cute... and those kites on the boardwalk!


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