Thursday, September 6, 2012

Last Hurrah - Bye Bye Summer & Beach!

Well. That's it. Summer is officially over. Sort of. Summer technically doesn't end until September 21st. But with labor day, back to school, local pools closing up... it pretty much signifies the end of summer. I am bummed. I love summer and I'll miss it for sure!

We said goodbye to the summer this past Labor day weekend. We were lucky to have nice weather Friday through Sunday... and did not get rain until Monday - the leftovers from Hurricane Isaac. We had a small BBQ at our house, went out on a rental boat on our lake, then we went to the beach one day. We said goodbye to our favorite beach... and know we'll be back. We do plan on heading down to the beach in September (on a nice day) some time to go to the boardwalk and aquarium.

As sad as I am to see summer go... I am anxious for some aspects of the cooler weather such as apple picking, pumpin picking, hayrides, beautiful leaves changing color, apple cider, football, & crisp fall mornings. We do have a gorgeous autumn here in the Northeast! I also look forward to the opportunities that the magnificent fall colors give us for picture taking! Here is a shot from apple picking last year.

Back to now... 
Here are some end-of-summer pics from my iphone below. (I forgot to use iWatermark before I uploaded them - oops!) 
I have some pictures of the zoo I hope to post soon from my Canon - but for now, I have one cute one to share below. 

How did you spend the end of your summer?

Last week, we took Julianna to the Turtleback Zoo - close to our house - it's not a huge zoo but it's a really nice one - 
She liked the jaguar the best (and so did Daddy), so she left there with a cute jaguar back pack. 

Julianna got a butterfly stuffed animal from the zoo that she could color - 
she loved doing that once we got home! Pepper watches from the sofa. 

Dock at one of the Marinas on the lake 

The Lake... 

At the beach 

So long beach ... we will miss you - see you again next year! 

There was a time not too long ago that Julianna hated the sand & waves. No more. 

How did you enjoy the end of your summer? 
Have a great day! 


  1. I like her little cherry bathing suit. I can't wait for fall and I am happy to be back into a routine now that school has started.

  2. I love me some apple bokeh!!! :) Honestly, that is one gorgeous photo. Yep...I'm ready for fall and some FOOTBALL (giving up on my Phillies this year, I finally had to face the inevitable. Denial is a STRONG thing! haha)

  3. Yummy apple bokeh! Hey mama... great end of summer snaps.. & btw congrats on the FAF win! You so deserve it! Gorg snaps, as always. I love summer, but I LOVE me some Fall. The colors, the leafs, the pumpkin spice lattes & Starbucks! Lol) may be the best part of Fall? xo


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