Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Julianna loves chickens and being on the farm

Last weekend, we visited our friend's farm in upstate NY. They used to live down here by us in NJ and retired to upstate NY where they bought this great farmhouse on a ginormous piece of property (90 acres I think??) - It's up in the middle of nowhere and it's just gorgeous!! It was our first visit there and we had a nice time. Julianna loved their chickens - she loved feeding them and collecting the eggs on Sunday morning. She didn't quite get the egg part so much because she tried to feed an egg to one of the chickens....

Karen & Dave have a large garden with tomatoes & other veggies as far as the eye can see. They have been jarring & freezing for weeks now. They have enough jarred tomato sauce, pickles, herbs, etc... to last through next year! Their chickens give them about 8-10 eggs daily... so we were sent home with a jar of sauce, 3 dozen eggs and some other various items. We had fresh eggs (french toast) for breakfast and fresh tomato sauce for dinner- Yum! The farm fresh eggs are incredible to say the least. What a difference from store-bought. Makes me want to have my own chicken HAHA!

Julianna loved feeding the chickens. 

Julianna looking at the barn 

Morning sunrise in the fog. 

Love this one. I would love to wake up to this in the morning. 

We got up early to go feed the chickens & collect the eggs 

My silly dog (black & white on the right) almost got herself a chicken dinner! 

Hello chicken! 

My girl. 

Getting ready to ride the quads. 

Me & Brian.

The pond their dogs love to go swimming in.

Checking out the farm.

Such a pretty view. 

Collecting the eggs. 

And there she is with the chickens again! Her new friends! 


  1. What an amazing place to be!! Your daughter is just so sweet, she looks so small compared to that barn. Love that the Fall colors are starting to appear.
    You might have to get some chickens ;)

  2. looks like a beautiful place. your little girl is adorable (i know you know that already). love her pigtails. :)

    thanks for stopping by today! really appreciate it!

  3. Awesome shots! So many kids have never even seen a farm--what an amazing place to be.

  4. Love the perspective in that second shot! P.S. Phillies stink! :)

  5. Have some acres of land!!!! Holy cannoli!!!! Amazing pictures as always! Love that close up of the chicken! The one of J checking out the barn (in the very beginning). Your third shot is spectacular! Seriously amazing! I love the one of you and the hubby too (it's nice to see you in some pictures)! Looks like a great day!

  6. Great pics... Having grown up around farm land myself it is great you were able to expose Julianna to it. It is definitely a great experience to see that.

    1. thank you amanda - we go to the local farms by us sometimes - we love bringing her and learning about the animals & the farm :)

  7. Gorgeous pictures, I specially love the morning fog, that is so beautiful.


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