Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Memory of summer - on the local boardwalk

My mother and I took Julianna to one of our local lakes recently - Lake Mohawk. It was a nice morning to walk and take pictures and let Julianna run run run! I posted a couple of these already in my "Best of summer" post but wanted to put some more out there for you. Lake Mohawk is about 15 minutes from my house and has a nice town center, small boardwalk with a few restaurants along with a nice playground. It' a cute place to go walk around for a couple hours or get some icecream or a bite to eat.

I hope to eat dinner at this nice Italian restaurant with my husband one night before it gets too cool -
maybe our next date night? {hint hint!|}

This is the boardwalk - it's not a boardwalk like we have down the shore, it's just a nice area to walk around and see the sites. 

I love this boathouse. 

This was a lucky shot - I love the hair up in the air from her running so fast - I was looking at the pics after I pulled them from my memory card, and I was thinking, "Ooooh bonus!" 

Nana & Julianna looking out at the lake... 

My beautiful baby girl 

I spotted this big fat fuzzy orange kitty taking a snooze by one of the restaurant's dumpsters. He looks like he's been well fed. 

I love the buildings here - very colorful and they all have German or Dutch influence. 
Many of the houses in town have this same look too.

Have a great day!


  1. and she is beautiful your baby girl!

  2. The hubby and I are in desperate need of a date night! I'm thinkin' Italian food sounds good too :o) I'm in love with that action shot of her running! How fabulous! Love the hair all blown back! Her ringlet curls are seriously too cute! It's amazing how curly her hair is! Just gorgeous!

  3. Great post, Skye. Even with the pix of my butt sticking up in the air. HA! That was as fun day. :)

  4. Your photography is amazing. And Julianna's curls are to die for!!!

  5. Great pics as always!!

  6. Great pics as always!

  7. Hrmph. This is my 3rd attempt at commenting - comments aren't showing up. Unless they show up later ... then there will be 3! Ugh! Just trying to say your pics are great! :)

    1. hey thanks stacia! I have comment moderation turned on for anything over 4 days - sorry about that - and I haven't checked blogger in while ... thanks for the compliment!! :)


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