Monday, July 19, 2010

"Baby Belle" 2010 Summer Tour

Well it's official - Julianna is 8 weeks old and has already been traveling like a RockStar on tour! We are going to our friends & family's houses on this "Baby Belle" 2010 summer tour!

When we had Julianna, Brian and I made plans with family & friends outside of NJ, to go visit for the weekend, so they could see the baby. I was a little nervous & anxious at the time, thinking about bringing her all over and not knowing if she was going to be a good baby, if she would sleep at night, or if she would cry the whole time in the car! If she was not a good baby, these weekend trips could become very painful, very quickly! Well it all worked out in the end...

We went away for 5 days to my inlaws house on July 4th weekend - she did great! She sleeps the whole time in the car and also slept in her "pack & play" all night - every night - and slept through the night.
We just got back from our friends house in Maryland (Natalie & Jim) this weekend and she was loving the car ride, and we managed to keep her on her schedule and she even slept to 9am on Saturday - How bout them apples?! Woohoo!
Nat & Jim have these 2 crazy dogs named Bunson & Bella - they are both about the size of a lab. They are best friends with Pepper (our dog) and all 3 of them play like 'crazies' the whole time we are there.
When we first walked into their house, Bunson & Bella gave a sniff & a lick to Julianna - then pounced on Pepper. Julianna was so not interesting to them because she can't interact with them at all - That registers as "boring" in their simple little dog minds!!
We went out to Amish country on Saturday to go shopping, and Julianna didn't wake up once except when we had to feed her. She loves her stroller luckily!
We also got to see our first Amish people-and they were just like I remember in the movie "Witness" LOL. Yup, that is how I know Amish people - only from that movie. Sad, I know! Am I sheltered? Perhaps!!
Oh - We went to some shops (including a yummy place called Kettle Kitchen) in Intercourse, PA. No, I am not kidding! That really is the name of the town. We ate lot's of crap and walked around.

We have 4 more weekends 'away' planned for Miss Julianna this summer - I feel pretty confident she will do just fine! We are also looking forward to the Sussex county fair in a few weeks - Even though Julianna won't know if she is looking at a cow or a goat - it will still be fun because Mommy & Daddy can go there and pig out on all the awesome fair food and 'walk it off' by pushing her stroller around - haha!

Bella, Bunson & Pepper below
(No! we did not get any pictures with the baby and the dogs, of course we forgot!)

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