Friday, July 9, 2010

"I love the Pool!"

Julianna's first swim.
I can't say she loved it - but I can't really say she hated it either. We really want her to get used to going in the water from an early age! She cried for a quick minute and that was it. It took us 45 minutes of slathering her up with baby sunblock, and wriggling on her bathing suit (which I just love!!) and her sunhat - all to get her in the pool to take pictures for 5 minutes! ha!

Julianna giving some thought about going in the pool.

"I think a nap sounds better than going in the pool"

"Yup a nap would really be better - hey it's bright out here!"

"Why do we always have to smile when we get our picture taken Mom?"

"No pictures please"

"Did you people not hear me? I said no pictures"

"Get me out of here now"

"This is me with the family at Club Sasso!"

"I'm all bundled up by daddy after my pool experience. It was OK I guess"

"That wasn't so bad Dad!"


  1. Love it!! You and Brian are both very wise to get her used to water early. Studies have even proven that infants when put into water will automatically swim to the top. (Not that you might want to try that, I know.) But it is interesting to think about. Anyway, I'll bet she'll be swimming sooner rather than later. You were swimming at a very VERY early age as well.

  2. Haha...I love the captions. She'll be a little mermaid swimming with my two little sharks sooner than you think! I also read that babies could actually swim naturally. I wouldn't want to find that one out first hand though. lol.


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