Thursday, July 29, 2010

Julianna - 10 Weeks Old - Progress and other random thoughts

This Sunday, Julianna will be 10 weeks old, so I thought this was a good time to report her progress for those that care to know...

Her 8 week appointment was this past Monday (she was 9 weeks).
She weighed 10 lbs and 6 oz... and is 22.5 inches long. She is right in the 50th percentile.
She got her vaccinations as well & she did not like that one bit - but what baby does?! She normally never cries and is always a very mellow baby, but man she did not like getting those shots at all! She screamed & cried ... I never saw her so upset!!
Luckily when we got home, she was so exhausted from the experience, she slept pretty much all night. We did have to give her some infant acetaminophen when she was uncomfortable... and that helped her a lot. She was a little fussy on Tuesday and yesterday. She actually had a meltdown last night where she was inconsolable (first time ever!), and we figured out she was in pain, probably her leg or legs from the shots still - so we gave her another small dose of the acetaminophen and that did the trick... The doctor said she could have side effects for a few days, so hopefully today she returns to her old self...

Julianna is smiling all the time now - she looks at Mommy & Daddy and smiles at us more and more.

She is grabbing things with her hands - it's still kind of random but getting the hang of looking at something and trying to grab it...

She just recently discovered her hanging mobiles. She has one above her crib and one above her changing table... and she loves them both - She can stare at them forever & smile, and she gets so excited; she kicks her legs, waves her arms and makes her happy panting noise!! It's so cute!

Julianna loves going for car rides (just like our dog! LOL!). Since day one, we have had her out and about, so she is very used to going in the car. She passes out the minute we get in the car now. And she is good to go for several hours since we have been doing weekend trips, she is a trooper on 4 hour car rides (or longer!)...

Julianna also loves her squishy soft dolly too - she grabs her braids and holds onto it for dear life! I am sure I could give her a Tupperware top to hold onto and she would grab it the same way, but it wouldn't be quite as cute! hehe!

Some other random things...

Julianna was fixated on the TV show "Quick Pitch" on the MLB Network this morning. A girl after my own heart. She smiled when they showed the Yankee highlights! I have trained my young Jedi well.

We found Day Care! We finally were able to find a daycare professional to watch our child out of her house. She is certified by the state, she is 2 minutes from our house, does not charge a lot, and we are able to use my flex spending pre-tax benefits (Dependent Care FSA) - Woohoo. Julianna will be starting full time daycare on Monday August 30th when I go back to work. It is a great feeling to know this has finally been settled and we got someone that we feel comfortable with & we can afford too!

We are going on another road trip to visit my inlaws this weekend, and Julianna will most likely be going for a swim again ...

I found someone to take all of J's Newborn clothes, someone that can really use them. I love the "Pay it Forward" theory! Good Kharma!

Update; 7/30/10
I forgot to add a very important thing- Julianna is holding her head up all the time now - Her neck is very strong. When we hold up to look over our shoulder, she can't get enough of looking around and holding her head up. She is so alert now and everything interests her - you can see her little brain working to try and figure out what everything is!


  1. The new photo of Julianna smiling is so adorable I can hardly contain myself.:)

    Could you send it to me so I can file it?

    Great news that you've found good daycare.
    Hope it all works the way you want it to.

    And by the way, where's the link to My Blog???

    Just wonderin'

  2. Oops, just saw it.
    NEVER MIND - Ha!

  3. What a gorgeous baby, and so happy. But teaching a child to be a Yankee fan should be against the law. LOL.....

  4. The daycare itself is great relief I am sure. The people that do daycare in their homes are honestly the best. Sounds like she went throught the training and licensing I did when my kids were little. What a little heart stealer you have, Brian is going to have to make sure she doesn't steal home someday. It is NEVER too early to protect the plate.


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