Monday, July 12, 2010

8 week milestones

Julianna is coming up on 8 weeks old & I thought this was a good time to talk about some of the milestones that Julianna has reached... or even just the fun stuff she has been doing to make us smile!

About a week ago, Julianna gave us the best gift any baby can give their parents! She gave us the biggest gummy smile ever!
Up until last week, she had been giving us what we called, "Sleep smiles" - she would smile when she was falling asleep. It was cute but we know it wasn't a real smile.
Well she finally gave us the "Real Deal" last week and it was awesome! When your baby smiles, there is nothing in the world that's better! No matter how bad your day is going, that smile makes everything in the world right!

She is doing a great job batting toys with her hands when she is lying in her play (activity) gym. She loves looking up at her toys hanging down over her, she amuses herself quite easily. She is loves her red, back & white Sassy Bug toy... she could stare at it all day.
She also follows us with her eyes when we walk past her. She is very alert and looks around at everything in the room wherever she is.
She held a rattle today and shook it (probably just coincidence that she shook it).
She grew out of her newborn clothes - it's official. It's sad having to take the small stuff out of her drawer and put it in the attic.
Julianna also rolls onto her side rather easily.

She also loves bath time- that is our favorite part of the day when we bathe her. I think it might be her favorite part of the day too! She loves to be massaged with her Night Time Lavender lotion too! I think that's what makes her sleep so long through the night -

Speaking of Sleeping Through the Night - that is the best milestone we have reached. She goes from about 10:30 or 11pm through 6am. I mean, it's not 12 hours or anything - but at her age, I consider that to be sleeping through the night! We'll take the 7 hours for sure!
She has always slept well at night, so it was no surprise when we 'stretched' her out, slowly that she is now going this long.

She is able to hold up her head during tummy time and when we hold her in our arms. Her neck is getting very strong. We always do some kind of tummy time daily with her.
She also loves when we read to her.
Julianna recently found her fingers too. She now loves to try and stick her whole fist in her mouth and thinks it's pretty funny.

I know these are all things every other baby in the world has done at one time or another- but when it's your own baby, it's so much more important! haha!


  1. Now you know the power of your child's smile. I knew that all along of course. Wait until you hear Julianna laugh for the first time...

  2. She's such a good baby. That's the best feeling in the world when you're baby smiles at you! And yeah...when she starts to laugh along with that big smile, it'll melt you! lol I can't wait to see her again! :D

  3. Every day she does something new! It's really amazing. I think I will start reporting weekly on the things she does so everyone that doesn't live here can read about her :)


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