Thursday, July 1, 2010

This should be illegal

This should be illegal. It really should.
It should be illegal to publish or post online pictures of a perfect supermodel's flat stomach 12 weeks post-postpartum.

Hey Gisele Bundchen, more power to ya for being able to show off your perfectly flat skinny stomach 3 months after having a baby, but for the 99.9% of the population that will never look like that after (or before) they have a baby, it makes me want to scream when I see that picture.

It's bad enough my bellybutton will never see the light of day again ... and the fact that I feel like my stomach can touch the ground when I walk... and I want to throw something at the mirror when I look at myself naked (ahhhhhhh!) - but now, I am subjected to this picture and vogue article about how Gisele has muscle memory and that's why her body went back immediately. Muscle memory? Really? Seriously? My muscles lost their memory years ago.
And I don't want to hear , "Well she had a tummy tuck, she has a personal chef, and a trainer" - Lemme tell you, if I had the spare coin right now, I would be getting my ass & stomach pulled tighter than Joan Rivers' face.

Am I jealous? Yup, I absolutely am LOL! There is no shame in admitting jealousy! haha!
I am not going to lie and make some feminist statement that I love my lumpy postpartum body - because I just do not. Sorry, but I wouldn't mind looking like Gisele 12 wks after having a baby.

I am going to chant "Love thy body" over and over, as I roll around on my bed trying to pull my jeans unsuccessfully over my postpartum hips that have magically spread out since 10 months ago. Someone call the TLC Cable channel, because I think I might be able to go on that TV show about the people that have to be lifted out of their house by a crane.

Yes, I know she is a supermodel and us mere mortals couldn't possibly ever look like her - but for one minute in my life, I can dream, can't I?

Yeh yeh, I know, work out, eat right, bla bla bla - that's just not the advice I am looking for with this. I know all that. Today, I would rather wallow in my own misery for a while and eat a brownie while checking out skinny postpartum celebrity pictures LOL.

Here is the article in case anyone cares to check it out


  1. A-Men! i hear ya - i wont ever look like that ! could i? probably if i got paid tons of money to look anorexic but....nah - I'll be the plump fun mom i can be and thats that !

  2. Kristin JenningsThursday, 01 July, 2010

    Hahahaha! I hear ya! Don't be so hard on yourself though. You JUST had a baby. Figure took 9 months for your body to stretch out to accomodate that beautiful little human being you's gonna take at least 9 months to get your body back to your pre-pregnancy form. You will be able to fit back into your jeans comfortably at some point. It will just take a little bit of time. I will guarantee that the photo of the model is airbrushed or altered in some way to make her stomach look so damn flat. It's just not natural to look that good after having a baby. lol.


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