Sunday, October 24, 2010

22 week progress - Julianna is 5 months old!!

I can not beleive it. It's so very true what people say - Don't blink because they grow up in front of your eyes. My little sweet Julianna Belle is 5 months old. I was looking through her newborn pics yesterday and she looks so different and 'older' now! Amazing how much they change in such a short time!

OK here it is... the 22 week (5 month) progress for Julianna

Solid Foods - So we have tried Rice Cereal, Oatmeal, Barley Cereal & carrots. I would say Julianna seems to have a preference for oatmeal. For the first time, she opened her mouth when I put the spoon of cereal in front of her. Yayyyyyyyyy! She actually wanted me to feed the barley cereal to her! What an amazing feeling that is when your baby 'gets' the spoon! Now I just need to have patience for what she does once she puts the food in her mouth. She hasn't quite gotten the whole "put the food in the back of your mouth & swallow" thing. But hey, I know it's early in the game & I know I need to be patient. It will all fall into place.
We just atarted her on her "Veggies" journey. Carrots last night... not sure if she likes it yet.

2 hands - Julianna is firmly grabbing things with 2 hands. I can give her a toy, pick her up, and she will still hold the toy in her hand. Pretty neat. She especially likes to put Sophie the Giraffe's beak in her mouth and chew on that. Pretty funny visual.

"I eat my feet" - Yup ... She loves her feet. No, she's obsessed with her feet actually. She loves  to pull them into her mouth. I have to say, it's just about the funniest thing ever!

Tummy Time - I had Julianna on the bed sitting up against the pillows the other day... and she started to fall forward and normally would have done a face-plant on the bed. Well, she didn't plant face this time. She caught herself with her arms and held herself up (like a girl push-up) looking up at me laughing. Guess she thought it was funny LOL! She's getting very strong. She is starting to "wriggle" on her belly like she wants to crawl, but is not quite there yet.

Sitting up strong - We prop her up on the sofa and she sits there playing with any toy we give her. She is getting strong. She is also trying to pull herself up if she is on her back.

Pepper - Julianna has taken a HUGE interest in Pepper lately. Pepper is our crazy little 20 lb. jack russell/doxie mix who can jump 4 feet high and run faster than any other dog I've seen. She is a sweet cuddly dog when she's not being a maniac. We have been prepping Pepper for "the child" by pulling her ears and her tail many times, trying to piss her off, so that when Julianna starts doing it, Pepper won't flinch. So far, she passes the test. Julianna zones in on Pepper whenever she is near her. She is in awe of her. Yesterday, Julianna grabbed Pepper's ear and 'pat' her on the head. Soffffft Pepper! Poor Pepper has no idea what she is in for.


  1. Happy 5 months Julianna, you have the prettiest eyes! :)

  2. Thanks kitten! We are saying 5 months now ... pretty soon she'll be 5 years!! haha!


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