Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Here it is... the shameless plug.
**Vote for my blog please**

OK yes, I am asking for help here...
Go to the brown square banner over on the right that says "VOTE FOR US" and please give me a vote.
When the link to the website opens, Click on "Click to Vote" right in the middle of the screen -That's all you have to do! Julianna thanks you with many kisses & raspberries!


  1. I hit the link, and it refreshes the screen. Does that mean it worked?

  2. Hey Jen - No - It should work now - when you click it, it should bring up a webpage that says Click here to vote. And then Click there to vote...

  3. OK I have stuffed the ballot for you and Julianna. Its not fair by the way when we see that little Munchkin face we have no choice but to vote for your page...LOL

  4. I pressed the 'vote here' thing - is that it?
    I like the new Fall design. What will you do for Christmas? ;)

  5. Voted for ya! Your daughter is soooooo cute! :)

  6. Thanks Kitten - I love your blog - I try to follow any blog where the person is a first time mother and their baby is around my daughters age... your daughter is very very cute !!! Keep bloggin!!! :)


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