Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Memories 2010 - Part One

I love taking pictures in the fall and spring...probably because that's when everything is changing and looks so pretty. Not like I'm a Professional Photographer, but it's still fun to try and get some good shots! I took some pictures this fall and wanted to make a special blog entry for it. I still have some other fall picture opportunities coming up, so I think I will do a "Part two" later on in November.

OK so this one isn't really "fall" themed but it's still cute.

We have many of these furry critters collecting acorns & eating our pumpkins!

This is our county in NJ - a very pretty part of Northwest NJ.

Pretty tree on our property

Julianna playing in the leaves

Playing in the leaves again

Daddy playing Airplane with Julianna

Daddy & Julianna

Julianna playing in the leaves again (My husband raked up some leaves and we put down a rust colored throw, and then put a bunch of leaves on top of her. Oddly enough, she didn't hate it so we snapped away!)

This is Lake Hopatcong. It is the largest lake in NJ and one of the prettiest. We attract tons of tourism all year long... you should see the number of boats out on the lake in the summer!

Crescent Cove

I don't know what kind of plant this is, but I thought it was worth a picture.

The colors are popping out all over!

Northwood section of the lake

Country Road on Lake Hopatcong

A small 'one house' island on the Lake  

Pretty Berries- Bird food for winter! 

Some ducks trying to get warm at the Harvest Festival.

Ort Farms in Long Valley - We love this place!

Daddy & Julianna picking out pumpkins

Me, Julianna and Daddy. The happy family at Ort Farms.

Mommy & Julianna 

Daddy & Julianna decided on which pumpkins to buy
Pumpkin patch

Nice dispay at Ort

This is what the squirrels did to our pumpkins... we can't enjoy them too long before the furry rats get to them unfortunately. The dog sits at the front window and wines & salivates as she dreams about chasing all the squirrels that are munching on the pumpkins. We finally had to throw our little pumpkins in the woods after a few days of the squirrels torturing our poor little crazy jack russell.  


  1. Very autumnal post, Skye. Great pictures. It's funny, I had a pumpkin on the porch but the squirrels left it alone. You sure it's the squirrels doing this?

  2. The pictures are beautiful Skye! My fave is Julianna laying on the leaves with the Mommy's Little Pumpkin shirt! CUTE!!!

  3. Yvette - Oh yes, It's squirrels - many of them. Little furry destroyers! Pepper goes out of her mind trying to break through the window to get them. I watch them desimate my pumpkins and eat the seeds and then look at me as if to say "Ha!!!" ... I got a picture of one sitting in the pumpkin feasting on it. I'll have to show you.

    Kitten - Thanks! I love fall colors and think you can never take enough pictures of "fall"! Julianna seems to love it too and the crunchy colorful leaves!! :) Just wait til Winter to see what we do! haha!

  4. Love all of your pictures! The ones of Julianna in the leaves are great! Wish we had some leaves like that around here!

  5. Aimee - thanks! It was fun doing that! Well, all our leaves are gone - they are on the ground now- Time to clean them all up! No fun!


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