Friday, February 25, 2011

Cute girly clothes

When I was pregnant, I was secretly hoping for a girl. I won't lie - I just love baby-girl clothes so much!! They are so cute and it seems there is more of a varied selection for girls. You can also dress them up in frilly and funky things at this age without them looking silly. I dread the day when she wants to start picking out her own clothes... that is the day my fun with her cute outfits is over. Bummer!


  1. Oh dear, I am so with you! The only thing I hate about it is that they outgrow the clothes too fast!

  2. Oh, very cute! I don't think they will ever grow out of cute clothes...they just want to pick them out themselves! Kaia's concept of matching is a little different than mine, but it is SO important to her to choose her own clothes. And, I have to admit, I have more fun dressing Harry than I expected to!


  3. She is sooo cute all dressed up. I love to buy frilly cute cloths so I will have to get her some . I was at Khols last night and they had some really cute Carter cloths I think I will buy her 18 mos for summer. We cannot wait to see her.

  4. Aren't girls fun? Why do you think I dress Tripp up in Penny's clothes? Just kidding...

  5. Buying little girls clothes is the best! I think I may have an addiction to the Baby Gap :)

  6. So cute.... I'm hoping for a girl when we decide to try for #2 in a couple years :)

  7. I loving dressing Jules up, she is my little doll!! :)


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