Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Weekend

Here is a brief synopsis of my glorious weekend-
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Killer deal on huge bag of 12 month clothes for Julianna found on Craigslist
  • Super Pet Expo
  • Nook Reader
  • Social Network
My awesome husband Brian made me chocolate covered strawberries on Sunday night for Valentine's Day. They were very delish!!

I got a big bag of 12 month clothes for Julianna from someone on Craigslist for a great price. We are moving Jules into her 12 month clothes since her 9 month clothes are too short this week suddenly! Amazing how that happens!

Super Pet Expo - This was a neat show to go to - we brought our dog Pepper, our god daughter Bianca and of course Julianna. It was fun to see all the dogs and dog vendors there. It's like a flea market for dogs. People dress up their dogs in outfits and/or push them around in dog-strollers. Hmm. The stroller thing is a bit weird if you ask me. They had some other cool stuff there too, such as an exotic bird show, reptiles, bouncy house, Frisbee dog show, & HSPCA dogs.

I have been thinking about getting an E-reader but not sure which one I would want. I am a big researcher and will think about this for a while before I actually purchase it. We went to Best Buy and I got to touch & use the Nook (Color), Kindle, Sony E-Reader and some other lesser brands that I did not care for. I decided I want the Nook Color. I'll get it before we go to the beach this summer... can't wait to start putting all my books on the Reader and free up some room on our bookshelves.

Social Network - We have been dying to see this movie. Finally saw it. Loved it. Say no more.

Some pictures from this weekend

This child is going to really harbor some major resentment for all the 'naked baby in the bath tub' shots I have posted on my blog. I can see it now, "Mom, you ruined my life!" I don't care. She's too cute not to show the world.  

Bianca (our god daughter) feeding Julianna her Gerber Puffs.  

Bianca on her Pony Ride 

Brian carrying Pepper (truth be told, that's the only way she will be in a picture because she normally cowers behind one of us when we whip out the camera!) 
See the look of terror on her face.

Snakes. Yuck. Lot's of them. Too many of them.  

Me & Brian! 

Brian and Bianca petting the large Iguana. Ick.  

Julianna had enough of the dogs by the end of the day...  

One more bath shot. I couldn't resist!


  1. I love chocolate dipped strawberries. I also love the photo of her getting enough of the dogs, so funny. lol.

  2. I love baby bath pics and she is sooo cute in them!

  3. Great pictures, looks like a fun time! I loooooove the bored picture of Julianna, too cute!

    Awesome score on the craigslist deal! Go you!

  4. There is no way she can be too mad about the bath pictures--they are so way cute! The pet show looks like a lot of fun...I have to admit, I think the snakes and iguanas look fun too. ;)


  5. Decided to stalk you after seeing a comment you left at "Enjoying the Small Things"!
    Your little girl is beautiful!
    I'm going to go snoop around your blog a little more ;)
    P.S. My Aunt has a 6 month old and she is 39...she also just announced she's pregnant again...her little ones will be 13 months apart!

  6. Kitten - thanks! The strawberries were really awesome! :)

    Alicia - thanks! Julianna looks exactly like Bianca did as a baby... funny b/c it's her god-sister!

    Heather- Funny about that picture - she puts her hand on her face like that when she's tired - but everyone thinks she's bored - so I go with it sometimes! :)

    Carla - lol about the snakes. THey are ok as long as they are behind a glass wall and I don't have to touch them !!

    Biz - Hi and nice to e-meet you! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. Good luck to your aunt! THat's awesome! I have to say I couldn't imagine 2, much less that close together! But lot's of people do it, and get 'it over with' so to speak! :)


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