Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things that make me go ... Hmmmmm?

So as Julianna is getting older, there are some things that I wonder about.

For instance -
When is it OK (safe) to give her a blanket or pillow in her crib? I am pretty sure it's after 1 year - but I really don't have a clue. When did moms with older kids out there start giving your baby a blanket or pillow? Right now, we put her in nice fleece PJs or a sleep sack to fight the cold (and a space heater).

Bumpers - I removed Julianna's pretty crib bumpers when she started being able to move around her crib, and I installed breathable bumpers. Do I leave these on until she is out of her crib? Do I take them off once I lower the mattress (which will be very soon). I feel like if I leave the breathable bumpers on, she can use those to launch herself up and over the top of the crib rail. Not good. I feel like if I remove them, she might hit her head since she is not exactly elegant with movements yet. When did you guys with older kids remove your bumpers (if you used them)?

Shoes vs. socks - Now that Julianna is in her big girl car seat, she is exposed to the outside a lot more and I am thinking socks are not enough. So Brian and I started putting shoes on her (I didn't see the point to shoes before since she's not exactly walking). Was it right to start putting shoes on her now? Or should I have been doing this all along? LOL. What about when it gets warm out, do I just do socks or sandals?(not together of course lol!) I am so clueless when it comes to the shoe thing with babies - especially since she is not walking. Last summer, she either had bare feet (at home) or socks on.

I watch Teen Mom - (OK yes laugh it up but you know you watch it too!) - in these shows, I often see those moms or grandmother's putting their kids to bed with a bottle. Ummm... I thought that was like rule #1? Don't put your baby to bed with a bottle. Right? Am I wrong? Or is this just something everyone else does and no one talks about it? I sure as hell do not. I don't see the point in it. What if they choke? And doesn't it cause tooth decay? Not like I get my parenting skills from Teen Mom, but you get what I mean. I feed Julianna before her bedtime, and off to bed she goes- sans bottle.

Juice - I am not for it. I don't plan on starting Julianna on juice for a long time. It is sooo high in sugar that I don't see the need for it in her diet. I know they make ones that are natural and without any processed sugar. I might try the natural juices - and I would water those down too. I really want her to drink milk or water (after we stop formula). I know it's a personal preference - but what does everyone else do? Are you guys offering juice before age one or before age two, or not at all?

Switch to the sippy cup- When is the right time for this? I assumed it was around one year - but now I really do not know. I plan on going with what the doctor tells us next week, but I am just curious as to what everyone else does. I started giving Julianna some water in her sippy to get her used to it (and she picked it up fast). My plan is to probably switch her over around one when she goes to whole milk....but I see children that are 2 and 3 yrs old drinking from bottles still. Is that normal or too old? (Kind of like the binky at age 5 thing?lol)

Anyway - I always go by what my peditrician says of course... but these are things I wonder about lately and when or how everyone else does it. Call it curiousity? Call it clueless new mom needs to know?


  1. all great questions mama and we have each struggled with them. Your ped should help walk you through a lot of them. Take cues from Julianna. Blamkets and pillows tough one they really don't need them. Neither of mine use blankets they hate them. Addison sleeps on top of her comforter. She uses a pillow Jackson (16 months does not) but they each have stuffed animals in bed with them. We gave them their lovies around one Addison sooner 9months because she loved sleeping with them.
    Bumpers no go. We took them off as soon as they began moving around. Addison was a co-sleeper but jackson never had a bumper. And they even the breathable should be removed when she starts standing because they are very useful in giving baby a boost up and over the crib. Trust me you don't want to wake to a thud followed by screaming at 3am- so not good. From that moment Addison went straight to a toddler bed.
    I love shoes- love them Addison started wearing them early because I am a shoe whore and she should be too. Jackson we kept in socks. When he started walking we put shoes on him but the moment we get home or he is in his carseat he pulls them off.
    LEARN CPR if you don't know it. Addison had to be rushed to the ER because she was choking (she was 7months) it is so important. find out where in the area they offer them and go.
    Both mine get a combo of veggie/fruit juice 15% juice rest I fill with water. They both drink whole milk and water through the day. They get two sippie cups of juice one in the am and one with lunch but I it is mixed with mostly water. I only offered juicce to Jackson in a sippie cup NO BOTTLE because I made the mistake with Addison and the bottle habit was difficult to break- you learn more with the second. Good Luck mama.

  2. I think most things are "when she's ready" and not at, say, 1 year or 15 months or whatever. Hope was never emotionally attached to her bottle (and, no, she never went to bed with it) so when she was comfortabale with a cup, we switched to a cup. Shoes - personal preference. I've always put shoes on Hope (past infancy) because I liked to - LOL. Sandals in the summer. I've never done just socks when we're out. (Again, past like 3 months old or something.) I mix half juice and half water and basically give it to her all day. It's apple - 100% juice, no sugar added. My pediatrician says that doesn't matter and they shouldn't have more than 4-8 oz of juice a day. Honestly, I don't care - LOL. I have friends whose kids will only drink chocolate milk and I don't want to start that!! I'd rather her have some alternative to milk all day long. Again, I think for most things there is no set age. You just go by what she seems ready for. :)

  3. I personally think that you should follow your instincts and there is really no right or wrong with a lot of stuff. :)

  4. I have those same questions! Kylie's not sleeping with a blanket or pillow yet, not sure when we will start? I also assume after a year, but don't know for sure.

    Bumpers...I hadn't thought about it, but will probably keep the breathable ones on until she's out of the crib. I don't think she'll be able to use them to climb out because they collapse as soon as she puts weight on them, but I guess I'll find out!

    Kylie usually wears socks out in public, at least when it's cold, sometimes shoes, but they are just a fashion accessory to me! This summer I figure she will be in sandals when we go out

    I don't give Kylie a bottle in her crib, always heard not to do that, but I suspect a lot of people do!

    No juice here yet and her pedi said not to give it to her at all, but if we insisted then to really dilute it down. I had thought about buying some of the no sugar added type juices since the sugar is what's so bad and just diluting them down. Kylie does drink a lot of water, she seems to enjoy it and I would rather her be a water drinker than a juice drinker!

    Our pedi says 1 year for getting off the bottle, but I know a lot go longer than that. I think I will try to stop right around a year, I just don't like seeing older kids with a bottle! Kylie's picking up on drinking from a sippy cup pretty good, it has to have handles and a soft silicone spout.

    I am always curious about what others do also! A lot of it is just personal feelings on things I think, as long as it's not harming your baby, then I say to each their own!

  5. We did a sleep sak until Nate was like 2.5 so he got a blanket around 3 and a pillow when he wanted it. Certainly not before 1. They don't need it.

    My kids kept their bumpers all the way thru. Oops.

    Bottle to bed is bad!

    Start a sippy cup soon with water. Can't hurt!

    Juice is a waste, don't start until they ask for it!

    Oh and shoes, they actually learn to walk best barefoot! So socks and shoes are for warmth and protection. Use soft soles shoes if she starts to walk!

    Just my experiences. :) Good luck! Xo


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