Monday, February 7, 2011

Pictures from this cold weekend

It was cold, rainy, and icy this weekend... we had to get out of the house. So, off to the mall we went to rid ourselves of cabin fever. We had a nice lunch, got some latte's and walked around. We did a little window shopping at AC Moore (craft store) & did some food shopping too... We went out to dinner with some friends on Friday as well. Sunday was the Superbowl ... Brian made his famous wings and I made meatball subs.

Food Shopping is fun!

Not sure what she is doing here exactly!

Mommy's purse tastes good. Nom nom nom.

Looking so cute with my saucer eyes! (That's what daddy calls 'em!)


  1. She is such a doll. I love the 1st shot of her.

  2. She's showing everyone that she's "All That"!

  3. such a pretty little lady * *

    PS. passing the Versatile Blogger Award to u deserving u! check my site to grab award & share :)

  4. Love her 'all that' bib. Too cute!

  5. Hi Skye! I spotted your comments over at Natertot, and stopped by your blog. I am so glad I did - I am looking forward to reading more about your adorable family! We too are sick of snow, cold and grey, and shopping has become an exciting activity around here :) Also, I would have freaked out if that giant bear had been on my deck!!!

  6. She IS all that, her bib is so fitting! :)

  7. How cute!! Your purse must be deelish!!! lol

  8. ahh! She's so darling with those big blue eyes.

  9. I had to tell you that Kate is just enthralled with Belle's pictures. She has made me scroll through twice, makes me stop on each photo while she presses her face up to my monitor and yells, "Awwww, BABY!" She's giving Belle kisses and feeding her with a doll bottle. So cute!

  10. No. 7 - Awww thanks! Kids love babies - it's so funny! When we go out and Julianna sees another baby or toddler, she is locked in on that child - it's too cute!

    Jennie - Thanks for stopping by - I thought I commented on here back at everyone but I guess I must not have! Nice to e-meet you!! :)

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments - Brian and I think Jul is pretty cute but it sure is nice to hear it from others. Makes me feel like the proud mama! :) LOL


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