Friday, February 18, 2011

What? No 15 months clothes?

As I phase out Julianna's 9 month wardrobe and phase in her 12 month wardrobe, it occurred to me - What do I do when she is too big for her 12 month clothes and too small for 18 month clothes? (She is 9 months now). Why in the world don't they make 15 month clothes? That would follow the 3,6,9,12 pattern right?? What the heck? Guess she will be wearing her 12 month clothes for a while... haha!

Gap & Gymboree tend to run larger, so I guess I'll have her in those clothes in a couple of months when she is ready for her '15 month' clothes. Maybe she will continue to grow so rapidly that 18 month clothes will actually fit her in 3 months?? She's getting too long too fast. I had a talk with her this morning and told her to slow it down a bit! She gave me a big raspberry....

Today is a vacation day for me. It's warm here in NJ, for once, and supposed to hit 60 today. Then back down to 40 tomorrow. Bummer. I'm spending the day with Jules and then when Daddy gets home, we are going to see some good friends. Aunt Natalie & Uncle Jimmy are dying to see her! Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. uppin' the clothes sizes at this phase goes CA-razy fast * enjoy the warm weather today! happy friday :D

  2. I always wondered that, too! Such an odd inconsistency. It's supposed to be 67 here today, too! Hoping to take Hope to the park!!

  3. Maybe you should design your own line of: 15 month clothes for that 'in-between' stage. ;0

    You are the recipient of a Stylish Award today, Skye, from yours truly.

    All you have to do is pick up the badge at my blog and send it on to three other bloggers you find 'especially' stylish.


  4. Hah! I wondered that with Kaia too! Silly clothes designers. I noticed that Carter's tend to run a little longer too...that was nice because Kaia was always tall for her baby-ness. ;)


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  6. A lot of stores have 12-18 months. I am pretty sure Gap and Gymboree have baby clothes in that size as well. Maybe in the toddler section?

  7. Really? No 15 month? Marshall was cursed with short genes from both parents so hopefully we'll be able to drag out the 12 month size on him as well.

  8. Beautiful Baby girl!!!
    I'm a new follower.
    Amy's Life @

  9. Yeh, it appears I'll be hitting up the Gap & Gymboree clothing stores... but it's still a wide range... 12-18 months. I feel their clothes run big so hopfully that would be good enough :)

    Amy - thanks for stoping by! Nice to see you on here. I'll be stoppung by your blog soon! :)

  10. I thought I was the only one that wondered why they jumped from 12 months to 18 months! I hope to keep Kylie in 12 months as long as possible and then hopefully the 18 months won't be too big! She actually has worn a few 18 months outfits already and they don't see too big on her.


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