Monday, April 25, 2011

Green Grass

This weekend, we actually had a sunny day and warm weather. Only for a half day. Lucky us. This is like Seattle weather. I need sun. Soon.
We went out to the front yard with Julianna and put her in the grass. As soon as we sat her down, she lifted her feet off the grass and she just did NOT want her little tender bare feet touching the grass. She started crying to get her off that grass NOW.  And when we picked her up, she was suddenly fine.

When the grass wasn't touching Julianna's feet, she was happy. So funny. I guess she wasn't used to the new texture touching her bare skin! Aww!
We were sitting outside for a while & taking some pictures... towards the end, she got used to it and was "ok" with touching the grass. Progress.

Seriously pondering this grass under her feet...

My honey's - I'd be lost with them

I tried to put Julianna down in the grass but she stuck hands down on the ground, and stuck her butt in the air to lift her feeties off the ground. They mustn't touch the grass!

Happier hanging out in Mommy's lap playing with a blade of grass


  1. Hope was the same way! She hated the grass for quite a while. Bonus? If I put her on a blanket, she wouldn't go off of it! LOL.

  2. So many babies are freaked out by grass. I hope Elliot isn't. Of course, I won't know until we actually get some grass lol. I WANT GREEN GRASS!!! :)


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