Friday, April 15, 2011

Sunny outdoor day

This past Saturday, we had a beautiful spring day here in NJ!

It was around 65 degrees and sunny. The sun was warm and inviting. I know 65 is not that warm when you compare it to summer... but hey I'll take it since we are coming off one of the worst & longest winters I can remember. Brian and I couldn't possibly consider staying inside, so we went to Horseshoe Lake Park. So many people were out biking, walking, playing in the playground, jogging, playing basketball, etc... What a great feeling to see so many people enjoying this wonderful day.

I used this opportunity to break in our new camera outdoors, since I have grown so completely sick of taking indoor pictures! Finally we had a nice day to be outdoors and snap some shots. I clearly have a lot to learn about "bright sunlight" photos & exposure. Ugh. So many of them looked like a nuclear flash was in the background LOL. {Thank goodness for Adobe Lightroom} - But you ought to be proud of me, I have not used the "Auto" setting once yet on my camera and have only used my flash a couple times (indoors). I am forcing myself to think before mindlessly snapping shots.

Speaking of Adobe Lightroom... I have to tell you - I love it. No no, I might be addicted to it. What a fab program! I downloaded the trial version of it ... and now I am totally going to purchase it. I have to. I love it too much not to. Even my husband was impressed and he doesn't impress easily. I showed him some before and afters I worked on and he was loving it. Done deal.

Here are some shots from the park... Enjoy

Here is the park we went to - pretty neat place for kids. It was so busy though!

Daddy pushing Julianna 


Little Observer


Mama with Jules  

Mama and Jule-bug again. I love this little girl so much! 

Daddy chillin with Baby bug.

Jules loves the swing! Can't wait to go back to the park!  


  1. looks like a great day! we think 65 is warm too- I even brought out the flip-flops, but it looks like I'll need rainboots this weekend!

  2. That does look like a lot of people at the park. I can only imagine how stir crazy you get with all that cold. Love the photos...looks like you're enjoying your new camera!

  3. FUN! Julianna looks as though she was having a great time on the swings. The phots are beautiful. What kind of camera did you get?

  4. So fun! Yay for spring! I'm glad you're enjoying your new camera.

  5. Looks like you guys had a blast! And yay for warmer weather :)

  6. What an adorable park! Looks like something torn out of a fairytale book's pages. :) we enjoyed the warm weather while we could, but now it's SNOWING!!! Boo!
    What kind of camera did you get? I just got a Canon DSLR and I love it. I'm still learning how to use it, too.

  7. Great pictures! Taking pics outside is so much easier than inside. I have been thinking of getting Lightroom, it's great to hear that you love it! ox

  8. Jen - I hope it's getting warmer up by you - we are slowly getting warm here!

    Granthamania & Heather - Thanks I am enjoying it thoroughly! :) It's so much to learn though! Right now, it's alot of guessing!

    Aimee- thanks, and yes, it is FINALLY getting warmer here. Come on summer!

    Mommysankey & Jess - I got the Canon T2i. I freakin love it. Such a nice camera and no way will I outgrow this thing ... ever. Taking some online classes... and self-teaching. Have a long way to go!

    Ashley - Go for the lightroom - you wil be addicted! I downloaded the trial version (30 days) and it took me all of one day to decide if I was going to purchase it. Love it.


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