Friday, April 29, 2011

Tuesday evening at the Park

We have a really nice park called Modick Park, about 2 minutes drive from our house. It's nice because it overlooks our lake(Lake Hopatcong) and has some walking paths and a big playground. They even have a designated playground for babies & toddlers. The bigger kids get their own playground. Nice concept.

We went to Modick Park on Tuesday night since it was so nice outside. We took a walk and then went into the baby playground... Julianna loves when we push her in the swing. We sat her down in the wood chips (that layer the playground floor) and she was so fascinated by them! She could have sat there for hours feeling them and putting them in her hands.

Modick park overlooking the Lake

Looking up from the bottom of the park

Julianna let us put her sunglasses on and she wore them for a few minutes before taking them off

Fun on the swings - Jules loves to stick out her tongue ALL the time!

Tongue out again


Wood chips.... Mmmmmm!

Looking out at the park with Daddy



  1. In the pictures with the sunglasses, she looks so big!!

  2. I know right!! She looks so long! Well she is almost in her 18 month clothes - she is pretty long! LOL

  3. Your park looks awesome! And she looks so grown up in the swing! 18 month!


  4. These pics are ADORABLE! The sunglasses, her it all! What a beautiful park - looks like a perfect spot for pictures. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! XO

  5. Carla - I know she is so grown up - it does go by fast like everyone says. My lil' baby girl! :)

    Karli - Thanks, it is a nice park - a bit crowded b/c it's convenient for everyone in our town... but still fun to go to !! ;)


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