Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring means ...

Even though Spring hasn't quite sprung here in NJ, I can't help but be giddy with excitement because Spring means one thing to me. Baseball season has officially begun.

I have waited all winter for this! Julianna, by default, will end up being a Yankees fan with my influence. She already has several Yankee onsies, hats, t-shirts, etc...
Luckily my husband is a huge baseball fan too. We fit together like 2 peas in a pod.

I want to share a post of mine from last July - It's called GROWING UP YANKEE
I really enjoyed writing it and it's a great read for any baseball or sports fan... or even someone who had something amazing influence their childhood like I did.

Enjoy it.


  1. I love baseball season! I got Sophia a rangers shirt and made her a matching Rangers bow!

  2. Yay!! Yankees fans!! You have no idea how difficult it is to be an ex-NYer living in Sox country.

    I used to be able to get the BEST seats through my old firm had box seats. Then I 'retired' and moved north.

    Stopped to say hi..I haven't visited in a while. Your little Julianna is getting so big!!

  3. OKAY!!! I've seen 2 blogs with babies wearing pink GAP sweatshirts!!! I want one for Maia!!! Sooo precious

  4. Never got into sports myself... but the kids seemed to be dressed in gators (my sister) and dolphin (the hubby)outfits- to me they just look cute in them... and they never correspond to the correct sport season- oopsie.

    Julianna looks adorable in her pink Yankee's hat... she is holding it perfectly!

  5. Aimee - Hooray to you and baseball! I was at the Rangers stadium for a game a few years ago - it's a nice stadium! :)

    No 7 - Howdy, thanks for popping in and saying hi. Yeh I would imagine you run into your fair share of sox fans. Ugh! As soon as you mention 28 world series wins... they stop talking LOL

    Short Leg Lucy - i love baby gap stuff, especially their sweatshirts! I think they last and are worth the money! :) Go for it!

    MommySankey - thanks! I love her little hat too! Someone gave it to me at my shower ... And yes, kids always look cute in 'fan' attire! :)


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