Monday, April 11, 2011

Pathetic Baby ... Sick Baby ...

Today Julianna was sick. Well, she started getting sick on Saturday. She had a mild cough ... that turned into a raspy deep wheezing cough.We figured it might be the extra drool from her toothy coming in at first. This morning she woke up with a fever and whining very pathetically. She was crying with a weird & pathetic cry that we never heard before. She was not feeling well at all.

Daddy decided to stay home with his sick little girl. He really is the best daddy any little girl could ask for. And the best husband any wife could ask for. I love him so very much! The only thing that made Julianna happy today was sitting on daddy's lap with her Binky and snuggling under her blanket. They were so cute together. I know I always wanted my daddy when I was sick. I suspect Jules will be the same :)

We brought Julianna to the doctor because the raspy cough bothered us. Well it was good we brought her because the doctor listened to her chest, gave her a couple rescue inhaler puffs... and it worked. So it turns out Julianna has Baby Asthma. The good news is it might only be a one time occurrence and plenty of babies get this. It's the same gene that causes allergies... Interesting huh? Oh and the doctor also pointed out that Julianna's 2nd tooth is coming in! We checked this morning and she only had one. Somewhere in between the morning and the doctor appointment, another tooth poked through! Imagine that! This poor kid has baby asthma, a fever, and a stinkin' tooth popping through (and 4 more soon to follow she said!!!). So we just have to keep an eye on her to see if the baby asthma returns... let's cross our fingers it never comes back.

The pediatrician sent us home with a prescription for the rescue inhaler... and we need to give Julianna a couple puffs every 4-6 hours until she goes 24 hours without a cough or rasp. My heart is breaking for this child. She is so pathetic when she is sick. (Then again, so am I!)

Tonight, Julianna fell asleep between me & daddy on the sofa. It was sooo beautiful & precious. I was able to get the camera and snap some shots. It's just too late to pull them off the camera right now, and it's been a long day ... so that will be tomorrow's project... along with pictures from this weekend in her first ever swing in the park!

Goodnight all! :)


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry! Hopefully it's just a one-time shot. It can be so sweet and so exhausting when they just want to be held. I hope she feels better soon!


  2. Carla - Thanks, yeh she is just not a snuggly baby but I will admit it was sweet when she wanted to fall asleep next to us. :) She is however starting to nuzzle lately - maybe she is a late snuggler LOL


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