Saturday, April 30, 2011

Julianna's new favorite thing

Now that Julianna is kind of extremely mobile {Super Army Crawling} - she is exploring many new things.

She trashes our CD tower any chance she gets (which is getting packed up and put in the basement anyway - it's not like we've touched those CD's in years lol).

Julianna loves pulling everything off the shelves and then throwing 'stuff' all around her.
She also made it up the step in the dining room into the kitchen. How? I have no idea but she did because when I turned around, she was trashing a pile of work papers I had on the floor that were ready for the shredder.

She is eating everything she can get her hands on lately too. This kid is hungry all. the. time.
Not sure if it's making up for her lack of appetite when she was sick - or if it's just a major growth spurt?!

Weeeeeeeeee! Paper Frenzy!

"I think I'll listen to some Sting"

"Yup, this is the CD I wanted"


  1. Oh, a whole new world has opened up! So fun for her, so much more work for you ;) So glad she's feeling all better. She's so adorable. Is that a U2 cd on the bottom? It looks familiar.

  2. haha. Way to go Julianna! If you're like me you still haven't baby proofed yet. Have fun chasing her around!

  3. Lol...Watch out now, Mama! I think that last picture is so extremely cute, too!


  4. Amber - Yes it sure is a whole new world!! And that is indeed a U2 CD - I Love them!

    Granthamania - Yeh you're right on about that - we haven't done much babyproofing yet. Doing it as we need it. I'm not going nuts with those bumoer things on the edges of everything. She is leanring fast if she bumps her head, it hurts and she pays attention next time.

    Carla - Yeh haha - thanks ... she is FAST. We turn our head for a second and she is GONE! In the next room and into something else new! hahaaaa!

  5. Yay for Julianna being super mobile!! She will keep you on your toes from now on! Have fun!! :)


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