Monday, December 12, 2011

Gingerbread everything ...

Last weekend, Julianna, Brian and I went to a big Gingerbread Display at the local arboretum near our house. There must have been about 200 Gingerbread houses. The display was not limited to just houses... there were all kinds of gingerbread displays. It looked like you could design anything as long as gingerbread was used. There were all different entries from children, schools, scouts, adults, etc... What a festive & fun afternoon it was! I can't believe some of the creativity & talent we saw! Keep in mind, everything in the displays were made from gingerbread, icing & candy! Amazing! My husband kept asking "who" gets to eat all this when the show is over? {He was ready to line up as a sampler!}

They did not allow strollers, so we had to park the stroller & hold Julianna. Did I mention she is getting heavy!?!  Real heavy. I truly need to invest in one of these Ergo Carriers. Their weight limit is 40 lbs! I saw a woman carrying her toddler in one at the Gingerbread show, and the little boy was completely comfortable and she told me it did not hurt her back. They were both smiling.

....And there we were, holding a wiggly, squirmy, cranky toddler who kept trying to escape our arms. Hmmm, that Ergo carrier was looking real good. Julianna was somewhat interested in the gingerbread displays, but about half way through, she was done. She wanted to get down and run around. And since that was not allowed.... Daddy took Julianna outside to confine her put her in her stroller while I went through the rest of the Gingerbread displays to take some final pictures!


  1. Hello Julianna,
    What amazing things people create out of cookie dough. Thank you for taking the time to document it for us.


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